Thursday, January 26, 2017

My Traveling Diaries


Spring Break in The Carolina's (USA) March

Spontaneous Road Trip to Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) July

Football and Bar Hopping in Boise, Idaho (USA) December


First Time to Moab, Utah (USA) March

3 Month Internship all over The Philippines (ASIA) September - December


Meeting The Family in Denver, Colorado (USA) February

Spring Break (part 2) in The Carolina's (USA) March

Marriage Proposal in Moab, Utah (USA) April

The "Bach" Party in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) August

Visiting My Childhood and A Wedding in Portland, Oregon (USA) August

Honeymoon Cruise to Puerto Rico, St. Martin & Haiti (Eastern Caribbean) September

A few days in Miami, Florida (USA) September

Family Skiing Trip to Vail, Colorado (USA) December


A Night At The Hard Rock in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) February

A Week of Paradise in Oahu, Hawaii (USA) February

My 3rd Annual Friend Trip to Moab,Utah (USA) April

A Girl's Night Out in Park City, Utah (USA) June

Natalie's Birthday Weekend in Seattle, Washington (USA) July

Family Lake Trip to Cascade, Idaho (USA) August


A Weekend In Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) March

Family Cruise to St. Thomas, Puerto Rico & Haiti (Eastern Caribbean) March

A Day In Miami, Florida (USA) March

My First Solo Road trip to Yellowstone and Montana (USA) May

Sand Dunes and Boating in St. George, Utah (USA) May

Family Weekend at Bear Lake, Utah (USA) July

UFC Fight Night in Boise, Idaho (USA) July

A Girl's Trip to Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) August

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