Thursday, April 20, 2017

My Traveling Diaries | 2017 | Oahu, Hawaii USA

Anytime someone talks about Hawaii, their face and eyes light up. Everyone has their own special memories and favorite stops that they adore along the Hawaiian islands. This place is the perfect cure for blissful happiness. It's a wonderland for adventurers and ocean lovers. A place where Seth and I will absolutely come back to...

The days blended together. You weren't sure what time it was or what day of the week it was, you just kind of went with the flow and let the island vibes take over. We treated this trip as a good vacation and a time to get away from work, deadlines and stress. Our friends had invited us down for a week along the North Shore in Oahu. Little did we know we would be smack dab on the Pipeline, right next to the Volcom house. Every morning we would wake up and go down to the beach and either walk along the shore, bask in the bright sun or try skim boarding the waves.

We went to Shark's Bay towards the beginning of the week. It was shallow area next to the sea, perfectly cocooned with a surrounding barrier, leaving the area with lots of coral and fish to swim with. Snorkeling has to be one of my favorite things to do when I'm at the ocean. My inner child was fulfilling her dream of being a mermaid and swimming with the fishes. We went to a couple snorkel spots this week and it was so incredibly beautiful.

One late afternoon, we meandered around this private beach. We came across these beautiful giant sea turtles. There were three relaxing on the shore with their faces burrowed in the sand. We took photos around them and just sat for a while and watched the sunset. I was so fixated by these sea creatures. Such peaceful giant reptiles that weren't afraid of us. I could've easily stayed there all night long just lounging about with them.

There were a couple days that it rained pretty hard, so the group was stuck inside playing card games or chatting on the porch. We did manage to go do a little shopping for souvenirs and swim gear for the week, while of course stopping for either an acai bowl or snow cone. I have this tradition where I grab post cards of every where I go, and write down each place we go or thing we do on the trip.

As a group we decided to take a day for whale watching! We boarded on a Catamaran with our guide and Captain. We went over the guidelines and amenities of the boat. The very front of the boat had a giant net that you could walk or lay on. As we exited the marina and reached the sea, I headed to the very front of the net (I wasn't going to pass up on the best seat on the boat!) We rocked and swayed with the waves and spotted a couple whales as well as a turtle! The Captain blared The Beach Boys on his stereo as everyone shared drinks and conversation.

At the end of the week, we were able to stop by Pearl Harbor for a very short time, it was only a pit stop on the way to the airport. I can say that I got pretty emotional. It was eye opening to see memorabilia, guns, uniforms, ship parts and torpedoes. It really wasn't that long ago. I took some time by myself to walk around the grounds and see the place where it all happened. Each generation is so vastly different than the others. This current generation has a perspective no where near the same as a generation whose seen and experienced war. I am grateful every single day to those people who defend our country and our freedoms which some take for granted. We plan on coming back so we can spend a full day here.

The trip was amazing! I felt like crying when we had reached the airport because no part of me wanted to leave. I wanted to stay for much longer and either sleep in the trees, eat pineapples and find more turtles, but we had to go back to reality and back to our jobs. I do think convincing Seth in the future that moving to Hawaii will be the best idea I ever have....

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I spent a week at the incredible island of Palawan in the Philippines. More snorkeling adventures, canoeing, swimming and eating a cooking up fishes on the boat. This was one of the best weeks of my life meeting some of the most adventurous, genuine and brave women I've ever met. 

A quick trip to Puerto Rico, St. Maarten and Haiti. I'm lucky that I married someone that loves the ocean as much as I do! 

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