My Bucket List

I started this bucket list when I was still in middle school. Some of things may seem a little silly, but I was a very timid and quiet little girl. I always dreamed of being someone with adventures, crazy scars and wild stories to share with my family and friends...
  1. Be In 2 Places At Once
  2. Skinny Dipping
  3. Streaking
  4. Sky Diving
  5. Scuba Diving
  6. Spelunking
  7. Cliff Jumping
  8. Zip-lining
  9. Paint A Mural
  10. Buy A Stranger's Groceries
  11. Feed The Homeless
  12. Catch A Fish
  13. Kiss A Dolphin
  14. Swim With Sharks
  15. Learn How To Skateboard
  16. Scream At The Top Of My Lungs
  17. Jump In A Pool Fully Clothed
  18. Climb To The Top of the Tallest Tree
  19. Dance In The Rain
  20. An All A's College Semester
  21. Graduate College
  22. Get In Trouble With The Cops
  23. Write An Article For A Newspaper
  24. Learn How To Surf
  25. Swim In The Ocean At Night
  26. Aquarium
  27. Donate Plasma
  28. Donate Blood
  29. Go To The Circus
  30. NHL game
  31. NFL game
  32. Be Apart of A Viral Video
  33. Donate to Locks of Love
  34. Create Something and Sell It
  35. The 365 Project
  36. Attend The Opera
  37. Own A Dog
  38. Get My Driver's License
  39. Have My Portrait Painted/Drawn
  40. Catch A Firefly
  41. Have A Personal Library
  42. Get My Passport
  43. Leave My Country
  44. Live In Another Country\
  45. Travel To All 50 States
  46. Humanitarian Trip
  47. Watch The Sunset on the Beach
  48. Road trip By Myself
  49. Gamble In Vegas
  50. Go To A Stripclub
  51. Shower In a Waterfall
  52. Bury A Time Capsule
  53. Enter A Contest
  54. Ride In A Limo
  55. Learn The Piano
  56. Fortune Teller
  57. Write My Book(s)
  58. Pet An Exotic Animal
  59. Henna Tattoos
  60. Real Tattoo?
  61. Gay Pride Parade
  62. Attend A Drag Show
  63. Crowd Surfing

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