Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Journal Prompt | If Money Meant Nothing...

What would life be like with without money? It sounds like everything would be pretty blissful right? If money weren't an object to me, I would wake up in the morning and start every day with goals. I would immediatley plan out my big dream voyage to every single country. I would find beautiful places to stay, eat everything I could, I would buy clothes, rugs, pottery, paintings and pretty much anything legal I could ship back home.  I could spend weeks taste testing the culture and dance every night. I would want to meet new people, talk to them for the night over glasses of champagne with cheese and fruit plates. I would want to hold photo shoots and video shoots galore over seas while participating in every activity I can every where I go.

If I were back in the states, I would stay home all day long and read books, watch movies, write down my thoughts and alternate between eating out and making food at home. I would go swimming, paddle boarding and surfing every day at the lake during the summers with no recollection of time. I would make sure that my parents have everything they need as well as my sisters. Give help to them with whatever was needed like food, clothing, classes or bills. I would most definitely buy some new clothes, jewelry and probably hire a hair and make up artist to do my hair because most days it seems like a chore to me! If I never had to worry about money again, but others did, I would first make sure that my family was taken care of, including the paying off the mortgage and all debts were gone. I would want to give as much as I could to all organizations I believed in. Get behind charities I believe do good and maybe even start one of my own. 

It's fun to think about what your life would be like with out having to worry about money ever again, but I almost think it would make life really boring. I actually enjoy working and earning money. The biggest difference between getting everything you want and earning everything you want, is that you feel a great deal of confidence and satisfaction when you put effort into earning your rewards. You're not just handed things because they can be handed to you, you deserve them because you actually worked hard for them.  My husband has told me over and over that he can tell when I've had a productive and successful day at work, because I come home to him in a great mood. I've never really needed the nicest or most expensive things this world has to offer, all it comes down to is the friends and family we have, and making sure we are healthy and happy. There is nothing wrong with having goals though and working hard towards things you want. Always remember that there is so much more to life than money. I mean, in the end, money really is just paper anyway right?

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Love, Nick

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Daily Dosage | Becoming My Best Self

I think the biggest reason my favorite month is January is because it is a month that is never tainted. It comes unattached from worries, struggles, happy memories or remorseful ones. It's a chance for me to start over, to start fresh. It's the beginning of a new phase with new opportunities.  I put all my previous worries and thoughts of last year behind me, in my past where they belong.  It's my time where I get to focus on the things that really matter, rebalance my mindset and get down to what I need to do to feel important, successful and happy.

This year I want to focus on gratitude, helping others and becoming comfortable in my skin. They say when you turn 25 years old, you begin to settle into who you are, how you think and what you'll do with your life. Although I still feel like I have so much more to learn, see and do, I also need to remember that I am on my own timeline and my progress is personal. You can't ever compare your situation to someone else's, no matter if you think they are better off than you. In a world where there is a demand for information, education, physical attractiveness, being well traveled and obtaining the ultimate definition of success, it can become overwhelming and even discouraging if you think you could never reach that. If that is what you want in life, then let nothing stop you. Remember you are on your own journey. You make the rules and you make the changes. Embrace where you are in life, enjoy who you are with and always remember to love yourself. I've lived by the motto "If you feel like you're being your best self, then you're doing the right thing" for a long time. You don't need to compare yourself to anyone but you. Aim to always be your best self.

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Love, Nick

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Saturday, January 6, 2018

My Journal Prompts

The easiest way to get to know someone, is by listening to what they have to say. We may agree or disagree or maybe we have different writing styles... but this is an outlet for me so my mind can wander and take me wherever it needs to. As the days and weeks go by, I will add piece by piece a new journal entry to fill this post up with as much creative and hopefully inspired writings to make more sense of this world that we live in...

Monday, January 1, 2018

My 2018 Goals | A Year Of...

My new years resolutions always tend to bleed over into the next year...and the next year...and the year after that. Instead of making roughly 30 different goals with bullet points and sub goals, I've decided to try and keep it as simple as possible with only a few general goals! I will be focusing a lot more on my health this year due to a recent diagnosis I received, but more on that will come. As for now, here are my goals for the upcoming year!

Cross 5 Things Off My Bucket List
Complete The Happiness Planner
Go Somewhere I've Never Been Before
30 Days of AIP
Improve My Flexibility + Daily Yoga
1 Month Hiatus of Social Media
Read 12 Books
Do 12 Service Projects

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Love, Nick

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Things I Learned In 2017

This year marks 5 years running of my annual 'Things I Learned' post I write in reflection of the previous year's adventures and lessons. I'm big into dissecting and learning from everything that comes to life. Whether it is successes, failures, hard times or happy times, every moment of every day can be a lesson learned... and these are a few of the honorable mentions of 2017...

Buying A Home Is A Long And Painful Process >>>
One of the biggest purchases that Seth and I made this year was building and buying our very first home. My mother-in-law helped us find a beautiful location with model homes that we immediately felt at home when we walked through the front door. It was 6 long months of scrounging through paperwork, coming up with pay stubs, years of documents and of course lots of penny pinching and saving during the building months. It all paid off and the timing was perfect as we were able to celebrate our one year anniversary in our brand new home.

Learning To Lead >>>
I always thought of my self as the trusty sidekick rather than the main superhero in life scenarios, but this year an unexpected job promotion came my way. I was pretty surprised at the offer but even more honored to accept it. I've got some great friends and family members that are some of the greatest examples of leaders with very honest advice. A true leader must lead by example. A true leader is right there with the team grinding and helping. I hope that I can continue in the position and learn more about myself and exceed even my own expectations.

Coming To Terms With Anxiety and Depression >>>
The controversial T.V. show 13 Reasons Why jumpstarted the nation in a discussion about mental health issues. Months after it was released, people turned to social media to share stories, experiences and their own truths about the struggles of mental illness. There seems to be a need for more people to understand what it's really like to be dealing with internal mental issues. They are a real and many people struggle to understand what is going on with themselves. People voice a need to normalize and create more understanding for people dealing with the struggles of mental illnesses, and I hope to add to that fire as the months roll on.

You Must Make Yourself A Priority >>>
This summer also came with an unexpected diagnose of an auto immune disease called Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. After having no idea what that entailed, I began my research with online articles, watching videos and thumbing through books at my library. I had realized that the lifestyle I was living was hurting my body. I need to focus more on my diet, staying active and keeping my stress levels down. Even though I'm not considered overweight, I am still unhealthy because of the junk I put in my body. Well, not anymore. This coming year will be a year of many changes...

Friendships And Relationships Are The Most Important Of All >>>
...but one thing that will never change are the incredible friends and family I have. Friendships of the past, present and future are so important. It's not about what you have or what you do, it's really all about who you encounter that will influence you're life, for better or worse, and provide you with memorable stories and thoughts. I love the people I have met and have yet to meet, I hope that this year I can continue to grow as a person and as a better friend to everyone.

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!


Friday, October 20, 2017

10 Traits of the Perfect Travel Partner

ADVENTUROUS>>> A sense of an adventure is an absolute must when it comes to trekking on the open road! You're the kind of person that will take the good with the bad because you've got the right personality, that's called an adventurer!

FLEXIBLE and OPEN-MINDED>>> There's a lot that can happen on trips. Some of your plans may fall through, but that's just called life. Things will hardly go perfect every time, so find that person that knows how to make the best of any situation. Whether it's a museum that closed early or a favorite restaurant was recently sold, go and ask locals where the best place to go is! Just find something else to do! Whenever issues come up with the car, money, prices, GPS, locations, whatever it may be always remember to be....

POSITIVE and PATIENT>>> Nobody likes a "Negative Nancy." It's really easy to get caught up in negative don't get caught up in them. Simple as that. Remember that you are with good company, exploring new things and away from all the stress you left at home. Take a breath and chill.

FRIENDLY and OUTGOING>>> The only real way to live truly. Don't be afraid to talk to people! Be kind and put yourself out there. You'll never know what kind of incredible people you meet. I've made good friends on my travels that I still keep in contact with! Most of them are half way across the world! You only get one chance to make these kinds of memories, so you better take every opportunity that presents itself to you.

A GREAT DJ and CONVERSATIONALIST>>> This point is key to any successful road trip. Setting the mood with music is a real thing. Music can change the flow, the feeling and the entire outlook of a trip. Keep things light, humorous and positive. I've created my own playlists of moods on my Spotify account that I have at my finger tips. You can't beat good ol' fashioned conversations either! Discuss politics, education, celebrities, sports... the categories are endless!

A GOOD NAVIGATOR>>> If you are the navigator it's your job to pay attention to the signs and make sure everyone's getting to the destination safely. There will be times where traffic hits or rain storms start pounding down on the car. Let the driver focus on the road and you focus on where to go. That also means to not wait last minute to tell the driver when to turn, (nobody got time for that) keep your eyes on the prize!

A SIMILAR SCHEDULE>>> If you want to stay up all night, bring a night owl. If you want to wake up before the sunrise to get a mountain top hike in, bring an early bird. Try and find someone with similar interests and traits that could easily be game with things that you both would really enjoy!

PARTY PLANNER>>> Be the somebody who has all the tools to bring together a great day of sightseeing and adventures. Be optimistic and down for whatever. Take to the locals and see what's going on! Find the person that can make the best out of any situation!

A CONTRIBUTOR, NOT A MOOCHER>>> Nobody likes a pest either. Don't expect to mooch off of people's foods, hygiene supplies and whatever else. Be an adult! If two of you want to go in on something, then do it. Don't just expect your friends to take care of you and everything to fall into place. Be prepared!

GOOD EMERGENCY INSTINCTS>>> You never know what kind of emergency situation you could be in for the future. Unfortunately a lot of crazy people are still out there. Try and look into the place that you're going to get an idea of what kind of potential threats or policies you need to be aware of. If it's a high traffic area for tourists, consider ways to avoid pick pocketing. Be sure that you stay in big open areas where you can't get hurt. Always be with somebody and be smart with where you go.

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Love, Nick

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