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The College Girl's Guide | Traveling 101

Traveling is one of the greatest and most rewarding things you could ever do with your life. Braving the open road, a place you've never been and learning more about yourself and life in general is what life is all really about. I feel honored to have already had some big trips under my belt that have molded me into the kind of person that I am now. I have lived in a third world country for 3 months, road tripped all around the United States and have been crossing things off my bucket list.

I wanted to create a post that could be used to help ALL your traveling needs. Everything from packing lists, hacks, tips, and things you should know before going anywhere!

The Do's and Don'ts of Airport Amenities
There are things you should understand about airports, and be aware of. Flying days can be pretty exhausting, so you want to be completely prepared. Sometimes there are things you should remember about airports, so click the link to make sure you're all set!

First Time Flyers | A Guide To Flying
Is this your first big trip you're going on? You might be a little nervous, but don't worry. I know how to help you. I go through the basic layout of airports, plus what "terminal" and "boarding pass" mean. Airports are busy places with busy people trying to get to their destination. Let me show you the ropes, and explain things to you!

How To Pack 1 Week In 1 Backpack
Pack light, pack right. If you have a weekend getaway planned in a little while, might as well try to save space, time and money by getting the most essential things you need ready to go all in one bag!

18 Things To Know Before Traveling Abroad
Are you headed out of the country for a few months for a study abroad? There's going to be some things that you should know and get ready for! Everything from good-to-knows, getting your finances in check and your body ready and healthy. It's probably going to be one of the greatest experiences of your life, so you'd better do it right!

Master Packing List
Are you stuck with what you should pack for your trip? You don't want to over pack, but you're not quite sure what to bring. Check out this Master Packing List to give you a good idea on what you should and shouldn't bring!

How To Prepare for a 10+ Hour Flight
Flights can be difficult, and if they last for 12 or 13 hours, they can be brutal. Flying across the world is an exciting time, but it comes along with the adventure. You can also check out my flight essentials that I bring on long flights like that.

Traveling With Anxiety
If you are dealing with anxiety issues, don't worry, you are not the only one. Getting a board on a plane can be intimidating and terrifying for some. Whether you are nervous about flying solo or nervous about flying at all, let me give you my personal experience and tips on how to cope.

How To Pack 3 Months Into One Suitcase
When you're going to be gone for three months, I really had no idea where to start. That's a long time to think of everything you need! Let me give you the list that I have when I left the country for my internship!

9 Things I Learned While Living Abroad
I traveled to the Philippines for 3 months for an internship through my University. It was a very hard but very rewarding and humbling experience that I will never forget.

Tips & Essentials for First Time Cruisers
Have you ever wondered what life at sea would feel like? Well check out my tips and tricks first your first cruise! Cruises are a great excuse to get away from the world and being surrounded by nothing but the big beautiful ocean! There's a hanful of things you'd need to bring for a cruise, but make sure to pack smart! Here is a simple list of a few things that will make your cruising experience top notch!

The Pros and Cons of Cruise Ships
There are so many wonderful and amazing things that you can experience when you go on a cruise. Memories that will last a life time, and some you'd rather wish you could forget. Let me give you some insight into the good and bad before boarding the ship.

A Guide To Winter Ski Trips!
Are you headed to mountains? Snowboarding and skiing help make the bitter cold a little less bitter. Make sure you stay warm and comforable and check out my list of things to remember and bring to give you a great mountain experience!

Hotel Safety 101
I'm sure we've all had our fair share of nights at a hotel, and it never hurts to brush up on how to stay safe when you're staying at a hotel. Since I used to be a front desk receptionist for a hotel, I've got a lot of experience with different kind of travelers. I learned the regulations to ensure our guests safety. I want to share with you a few things I learned, as well as ways that you can keep you and your belongings safe while you're away from home.

The Top 5 Things To Do On Every Trip
Get a little bit more out of everywhere you go and take a moment to soak it all in. Sometimes when we travel we get so distracted by trying to fit in as much as we can and see as much as we can see... but sometimes it's best to just take a breathe, look at where you are and really enjoy the moment.

Thanks for Reading
Love, Nick

My Traveling Time Line
Every trip...I've ever documented.. all in one spot! Check it out!

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