Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Pros and Cons of Cruise Ships

One of the greatest ways to enjoy a vacation without any trouble of finding where to eat, where to go and where to sleep... the answer is cruising! I went on a Royal Caribbean cruise to the Eastern Caribbean and it was amazing! When you're on a giant ship speeding through the ocean surrounded by nothing but water, It's a pretty unique experience. There are a lot of great things about a cruise, but it also comes with the not-so-great things. Here's my list of pros and cons to give you an idea of what cruising is like and help you feel a little more prepared before you board...

  • Never Ending Food - Imagine your server greeting you with a smile, providing all-you-can eat plates of deliciousness along with top notch service. Food is one of my favorite parts about traveling. You get to discover new tastes and flavors of something you wouldn't normally try! There are many different types of restaurants on a cruise where the food is inspired by cultures from all around the globe! 
  • Meeting New People - The ship is a melting pot of people once everyone is aboard. People travel from as far as Asia, Europe or Australia to come cruising! Strike up conversation and make some friends, everyone is there to have a good time. 
  • Ocean Views and Sunsets - I take any chance I get to be near the ocean.  There's something so peaceful about the sun dipping behind the waves of the ocean along the horizon. It's a beautiful site to see. 
  • Amazing Entertainment - Acrobats, athletes, divers, dancers, singers and even comedians! The cruise lines takes entertaining very seriously. Every morning you get an itinerary of whose performing that night. My advice to you, is to go see something you've never seen before. (Bonus: the Love & Marriage game show is probably one of the funniest shows and a must see choice) Plus, there's a mini golf course, zip lining, ping pong tables, basketball courts, belly flop competition, the list goes on and on!
  • $1 Mimosas - Alcoholic drinks are ridiculously expensive on the ship, so find secret deals that are cheap and affordable. My personal favorite was dollar mimosas! Most deals only last a few hours, so keep up on your schedule and plan accordingly!
  • Good Sanitary Practices - As soon as everyone boards the ship, the staff directs you through some safety training and healthy practice videos. You learn about what to do in case of an emergency and they also give you some rules to follow to keep you safe while cruising. Remember to wash your hands often. You can usually find hand sanitizer dispensers stationed around every corner.
  • Crowded - It's unavoidable, but for someone who can get a little anxious around big groups of people, this can be tricky sometimes. Remember to breathe, work with the crowd and learn to just go with the flow. 
  • Expensive Drinks - If you enjoy Pina-Coladas, get ready to spend roughly $18 on one. Alcoholic beverages are ridiculously expensive, but that's the way bartenders make money. Cruises do offer drink cards, where you can get unlimited drinks for a certain amount of money, but it's pretty regulated. Don't expect to buy one drink card for multiple people. Remember to be aware of deals going on around the ship!
  • Rude People - Truthfully, this is also unavoidable practically anywhere you go. One night you might have to ask the man in front of you to stop recording a performance and put his phone away, so just remember to always be kind and considerate of the people you're around.
  • Hard To Find Water - Staying hydrated is key when you're out and about during the summer. Cruise lines discourage the use of personal water bottles to fill up, as it can be an easy source of spreading germs. When you fit thousands of people into one location, you need to keep things as clean as possible. Locate where water stations are, and remember to drink often!
  • No Clocks - This could be both pro and con! It's good to relax, let go and not worry about the time! You're on vacation after all; but, with so many performances and events going on, that if you don't have a watch, you'll probably end up missing it! 
  • Loud Kids - Most of the time, kids aren't bad, but sometimes you get sick of the screaming and yelling of little ones fighting over the pool toys. The good news is that you can escape to places where only adults are allowed, giving you a chance to take a break.

What's YOUR favorite thing about cruising?
Thanks for Reading!
Love, Nick

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