Thursday, May 4, 2017

My Traveling Diaries | 2017 | Moab, Utah, USA

This place is a red desert dreamland, perfect for explorers and adventurers. Moab is truly one of the best places to go in Utah. It has everything you could ever need. This is my third year in a row to the annual friends trip nicknamed Mini Moab. We bring together all our dirt bikers, climbers, hikers and partiers for a weekend of bliss in the great outdoors.

We woke up on a bright, warm and sunny day to head out to Wall Street for some rock climbing. We spent hours rock climbing, snacking on food, chatting with other climbers and playing with all the puppies. That's the cool thing about climbers, they are some of the most friendly people. We sparked up conversations about family, travel, food and whatever else you could think of! I was able to do a couple lead climbs of my own! It's always the best feeling when you accomplish a lead climb. I hope I can get better and better as the summer goes on.

We lost track of time and it was getting close to dinner time. We headed back into town for a quick break for milkshakes and french fries and then decided to go play some Disc Golf. This was probably one of the coolest set ups I've ever seen for Disc Golf. It was as if we were in the middle of the desert hiking around to each of the holes. It was really cool! I managed to make a couple sweet shots myself! We were almost late for dinner, but the group decided to treat ourselves to a delicious dinner at the Moab Grill. All of us tired, sunburned and talking about the trip so far...

The next day was Sunday, we knew we couldn't stay too long, so some of us decided to do a quick and easy canyon together called Entrajo Canyon. It was a fairly simple canyon, but we mostly just wanted to hang out and do something together! We made jokes and explored around different rocks. The canyon had a bunch of random pools of water which we all competed on who could get the least wet. My favorite is repelling, it's the coolest feeling holding your weight and being secured by the rope while your free hanging off a 50 foot cliff. It's a rush I get every single time I do it.

Another great trip with friends is in the books! There aren't very many places that are better than this one. It's got a beautiful, unique and natural architecture that you can't find anywhere else. Where the best people all come together to celebrate, play and have a great time! I would love to come back to Moab as often as I can. Maybe I'll just have to make another trip this year...

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This was my first ever trip to Moab. It was one of my best friends spontaneously inviting me to a trip that would eventually change my life... but that's jumping ahead of the story.

A trip for redemption, excitement and something completely unexpected...

One of the best parts about summer is getting up and out into the great outdoors! I've been a camper for quite some time now. Here is my guide to everything you'd need for food, gear and tips to make a great trip!

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