Thursday, June 15, 2017

My Traveling Diaries | 2017 | Park City, Utah, USA

Park City is best known for the incredible skiing, bringing people and celebrities from all around the world to this snowy haven. Although winter season is most popular here, the summers are full of adventures and amusement; So, it only seemed necessary to get away from home to celebrate my two friends tying the knot at this nearby city! The wedding is only a couple weeks away and a bachelorette party was in order to give the bride some relief from the stress. We would start the weekend trip off with dinner, but I wanted to get there a little earlier to explore the town. 

My friend Natalie and I took the beautifully scenic drive through rolling hills encased around green mountains. We headed first to the famous downtown streets. So many restaurants, bars, shops, sculptures, art galleries, jewelry stores, museums and historic landmarks are lined up a long a stretch of slanting road. Even though Park City is the busiest during snow season, friends and families were still buzzing away in the bright sun, crossing from street to street deep in conversation. My favorite gallery was the Fatali Gallery & Museum. Fatali, also known as the Light Hunter, uses all natural lighting, a dark room and the same camera he's used for over 30 years. His work is stunningly beautiful, intimate and very romantic. We also went to the Mangelsen Art Gallery as well as Gallery MAR. We discovered all sorts of beautiful, artwork, pottery and photography at each gallery. We found a jewelry store crafting rings, bracelets, necklaces and brooches with gorgeous stones and gems, as well as showcasing an $80,000 six foot slab of amethyst geode towering over us, glimmering in the sunlight at the entrance of the store.

It was time to head to dinner to meet up with the girls. Some of us were friends and some of us were strangers, but by the end of the night we all had so much fun, we weren't afraid to be silly with each other. We played games, ate cake and cookies, made toasts, sang, danced and swapped hilarious stories. I'm so excited for my friends to be getting married! We had breakfast together the next day before we parted ways. It's good to open yourself up to new things, new experiences and new people. I personally love meeting new people and discovering who they are! We all agreed that another Girl's Trip needs to happen in the future, so who knows where we'll go next!

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Love, Nick

A weekend with the entire group was well worth the time! Combining both women and men, we packed a fun weekend with the gang in sin city!

Our annual camping/climbing/jeeping/dirtbiking (ok, you get the picture) trip to one of the greatest places on earth!

I'm a summer baby, so I need to get a lot of Vitamin Sea during the hot months. I was ecstatic to go with a fun group of people, but had no idea it would exceed all my expectations...

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