Saturday, July 22, 2017

My Traveling Diaries | 2017 | Seattle, Washington, USA

It's really hard to argue with your best friend when she requests to spend the weekend with you in a beautiful city in honor of her birthday. In all reality, the thought of arguing never even crossed my mind! I happily accepted the 12 hour crusade to the sea port city before she had to wait for a response. Seattle is one of those cities that glimmers with creativity and musical talent reverberating on every street corner. The sun decided to shine all weekend long and we followed the sounds of guitars and pianos playing to take us somewhere new...

There was no way we were missing out on Pike's Place Market. We took a lyft downtown and planned on spending the entire day in the city. We were stopped at the very front of the 'Public Market Center' sign by a cat man playing an accordion. We found giant lobster tails, crabs, salmon, shrimp and more at Pike's Fish Market. Buckets of flowers lined the entrance of the market where you could make customizable bouquets. Fruit and vegetable stands carrying the most vibrant and colorful food out on display where I snagged my free sample of a delicious nectarine. Designers and artists line up along the board walk to sell handmade trinkets, clothing, paintings, jewelry, hats and journals. We stopped at every single stand and were fascinated by people's craftmanship.

We meandered uptown to the Space Needle and snapped a few photos. We also went down the street to the Museum of Pop Culture and spent a few hours looking at some incredible movie and pop star memorabilia. They had an entire exhibit dedicated to the legend himself, David Bowie. A hallway of people glancing at old photographs and intently listening to his live performances playing in the background. Spectators with big smiles were singing along. It was a very peaceful moment, as if they had come to pay their respects to him. There were exhibits dedicated to Star Trek, The Muppets, horror films and fantasy worlds. Time had flown by for Natalie and I, we even had a chance to touch genuine muppet fur and let me tell you, it is so soft. 

After wandering past the International Fountain, we decided to head back to the port for a seafood dinner. We found Anthony's on Pier 66 and sat alongside the board walk over looking the ferries and sailboats. After a scrumptious dinner, we split a delicious cheese cake covered in an array of local berries. I'm not lying when I say it was the softest and sweetest tasting cheese cake I've ever had. 

Although neither of us had any desire to leave the city the next morning, we had accomplished what we wanted to while we were there. We were there for Natalie to kick start another chapter in life, to go somewhere new and experience a little more. Life is meant to throw curve balls and trip you on the sidewalk, because let's face it... you wouldn't have any good stories to tell if nothing happened! All of life's stories are meant to shared, and who else to share it with than with people you love! Good friends also make pretty good travel buddies and needless to say we'll be back out on the open road soon enough...

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Love, Nick

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