Meet Me

I'm Nicole.

Writing about myself in a plain and simple form has always been somewhat strange to me. Most people would click on a page like this to find maybe a bulleted list of credentials, overstating how qualified and talented of a writer one may be. Or maybe a list of bubbly points, embracing authenticity and weirdness for empowering one to their true self, but I'm not good at either of those things. 

I've probably written and re-written this page on my blog multiple times over the years for two main reasons. Number 1) Because I am definitely a perfectionist and 2) because I myself have changed over the years. I only hope for this blog to be somewhat of an escape, an outlet and mostly a creative space for me to write down the thoughts I gather from every day experiences or hard life lessons. I believe in sharing things that are either uplifting, necessary or provides a meaningful message. 

One of the biggest things I love about life is that every single day can turn into a lesson. Every single day, we decide who we are and who we strive to be. Now as I am 24, I wouldn't have imagined myself in the position I'm in now, I imagined something very different from when I was younger. The beautiful part is that I love it. Even though my future wasn't what I was planning on, I wouldn't change a single event or person. So, maybe life isn't all about having a perfect plan, maybe it's more  of an understanding that it was perfect to begin with.


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