Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My Traveling Diaries | 2017 | Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - A Night at the Hard Rock

Whatever people may say (or not say) about Las Vegas, I always have a good time while I"m there. It's one of the top places in the world to find the best entertainment. This time around, Vegas was only a pit stop. We had less than 12 hours in Sin City because we had to catch a flight the next morning to Honolulu, Hawaii, but I figured we could at least search for great food and grab a drink or two...

We booked a room at the Hard Rock Hotel. That place is like walking into a music lover's dream. Guitar handles on the doors, chandeliers made of saxophones and famous rock star memorabilia, like concert costumes, guitars, vinyl records and even a lock of hair, was on display in tall glass cases stationed along the edges of the casino. There were hula hoop and silk performers spaced around the casino hanging from the ceiling, twisting, turning and dancing. Our "David Bowie" themed room was on the top floor and had a great view of the strip. We enjoyed our room a lot! Expect a comfortable bed, ginormous T.V., even outlets for European travelers.

Seth and I walked hand in hand discussing music and art as we passed through the halls. We were hungry after our 5-hour drive, so we meandered around the casino and stopped at Lucky's 24/7 cafe. I ordered Lucky's Turkey Club sandwich with a side of potato salad. Let me tell you, that was the BEST potato salad that I've ever had. It was incredibly delicious! The presentation of the food was amazing and service was great!

We didn't want to spend too much money, after all, we were only here for one night. I convinced Seth to avoid the black jack table by buying a bottle of moscato to take back to our room and tuck in early for the night. I really enjoyed the atmosphere over at the Hard Rock. It's probably one of my favorite places that I've stayed in Vegas. It has comfortable rooms, great casino with a built in rock star museum. But now it's time to say goodnight, because we're leaving for Hawaii the next day!!!

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Sometimes, you just really need to live things up before you get hitched and luckily I got to celebrate my final days of singledom in the city of Sin with fantastic friends! We combined our friends group for a "Bach" (Bachelorette + Bachelor) party in Las Vegas! Come read about the shenanigans! 

This was my first ever experience with my best friend in Vegas. We went to a Cirque de Soleli show and it had me hooked from start to finish. My love for Vegas was born that night and still continues to be one of my most favorite places to travel too. 

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