Friday, December 26, 2014

My Traveling Diaries | 2014 | Boise, Idaho, USA

As of late, I've been feeling a lot more spontaneous (thanks to one of my greatest friends.) Since my friend and I are both college girls who were counting down the days to our last exams and finishing up touches on our final projects, we decided that we needed one last adventure before hitting the books hard and dedicating the rest of our time to our textbooks. Our football team was headed to a big game at Boise State University. I had never gone to a football game outside my college town, so the idea was exciting to me! Since I've never went to an out-of-state game, we began outlining our plans and agenda. We brought up the idea to two great gentleman who were more than ready to go on the adventure with us! We got the tickets online and reserved a hotel room. Within a few days, we loaded up the car and we were on our way to Boise!

I personally adore road trips. Listening to great music, joking and singing with your friends even stopping for snacks, drinks, or bathroom breaks. Something about the slow journey, the anticipation to your next location, I absolutely love!

Our first stop was the Fort Hall Casino. We gambled a bit of money at a black jack table with one of the funniest and liveliest old man there. He was a character, throwing down money for us and clearly enjoying our company. We reached our spending limit and the only person that walked out with money was me (even though it was only $2.50), I was proud of myself! We piled back in the car and drove into Boise. We grabbed a quick bite for dinner, some much needed drinks, and freshened up for the game.

Getting a cab to the hotel was quite the task. We needed to wait a while until things cleared up. Game Day must be a huge thing for those Boise natives. We entered the roaring stadium with the frosted air nipping my fingertips and toes. The colbalt blue turf field that showcased the infamous bronco symbol was the exhiliarting. It's actually the only blue turf field in the world! We were screaming, hollering, chanting, and cheering on our beloved Aggies even though... we were getting creamed. We messed around a lot of with the Boise fans, but the row behind us were fantastic! I'm glad those Boise fans knew a little thing called sarcasm.

We were pretty anxious to explore the city after the game. My friend had been wanting to bar hop in Boise for the longest time; it was finally coming true! We danced, laughed, drank, and met some great people. We capped off the night by getting pizza at a place called Pie Hole, where I ended up talking hockey with a guy in a bruins hat. We all headed back to the hotel, got cleaned up and headed to bed.

Our short trip lingered on the next day as we headed into Boise to do a little more exploring. Our first stop was the capital. Christmas decorations were everywhere along with beautiful statues, marble pillars and fancy staircases. We explored around the city and found 'The Freak Alley Gallery' An alleyway dedicated to artists that can paint anything they want. We were all in awe turning corners to find more paintings, sections and scenarios. It was really cool! We walked in to a random tea shop with shelves full of samples of all sorts of teas. For lunch, we found a Chicago style pizza place.

My favorite piece from "Freak Alley Gallery"
Us girls had to make one more stop at a boutique shop. We tried on dresses while the boys were messing with snap chat. We tried on maybe 10 or so dresses each, but the very last dress I picked... oh boy. This dress was a like a dream; navy blue lace with a nude undertone and spaces to showcase the back. I fell in love with it. We decided that it would be my New Years Eve dress.

All in all, the trip was great. Boise is a strange, unique, and lively little city. The people were extremely kind and easy going. I swear everyone we met could strike up conversation and keep it going. The greatest part is that they were all passionate about Boise. Being proud of your hometown is admirable, these people were so unique and welcoming. The turf field was so cool to see in person, instead of on ESPN. It was definitely a successful spontaneous roadtrip indeed!

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