Saturday, December 31, 2016

9 Things I Learned in 2016

Welcome to the end of another memorable year!
2016 marks the 4th year that I'll document my annual "Things I Learned" post of all the experiences and life lessons that I learned within that past 12 months! A new home, a new job, getting engaged and saying I do...

Wake Surfing Is The Best
I still remember the lake, the day and the feeling of pulling myself up and riding the wave. I've never been very good at board sports, so it was pretty exciting to finally surf. Seth and I went every chance we got this summer. I like to think that I was a mermaid or sea creature in another life, because I am so drawn to practically any body of water.

Moving Somewhere New Is Strange, But Exciting
I may be one of those weird people that kind of enjoys moving? I get that it can be tedious and time consuming, but the act of sorting your belongings into groups, deciding whether or not things are worth holding on to or getting rid of, and packing it up into big brown boxes gives you a lot of time to reflect. I'm constantly organizing and sorting things, which I know drives Seth crazy. I'm not really sure why I do it, but it's calming to me. It's getting rid of things you don't need or things that don't make you happy, it's making room for better things and better memories.

I Became A Bride
I'm also one of those weird girls that didn't really know how she wanted her wedding to be like. I hardly had any idea of what I wanted it to look like, feel like or even what dress I should wear. The 5 months I had to plan my wedding were confusing, overwhelming and all around stressful. But when the day of the wedding came, everything came together so well, it just felt perfect. It was amazing to see friends and family working together on centerpieces, setting up decorations and building the most beautiful archway for us. The day was incredible, but I don't want to say too much, I plan on writing about it in the very near future...

Stop Being So Hard On Yourself
Humans make mistakes. I would say that most of the time when we are trying new things, we'll end up bruising our knees, scrape our legs and, in my case, start cussing at the dirt...or snow. When we want to reach our goals, live a certain way or achieve something, we have to remember that it takes time and practice to get there. You're learning, you're understanding and you should continue to work and progress!

Improvement Takes Time
Remember how it's not about the destination, it's about the journey? Progress doesn't happen overnight, and everything that we want in life we will have to work for.

Listen To What Your Heart Is Telling You
I remember having a conversation with a co-worker right after I graduated high school. He was a couple years younger than me and we had become good work friends. He mentioned that he really didn't know what he wanted to do once he graduated. He was being told to go to college, find a good job, make something of yourself and become who you are, but what he didn't want to go to college, he had other ideas in mind. So he asked how do you find out exactly who you are?

I didn't have answer for him 5 years ago, but I think I'd know what I'd tell him today. Do you know what the word become actually means? It means "begin to be." You don't have to know what your big life plan is right away, you just have to be, and that's when you begin to understand yourself. As you live your life, all that you can do is to do what you think is right, do what makes you happy and find people that make you a happy, better person.

Let. Things. Go
It does no good whatsoever to hold on to petty, insignificant and hurtful things people tell you. The only thing that you can control is yourself and how you react. How do you want to be treated? How do you treat others? You have to understand that you are the only one that is in control of your emotions and actions. My grandfather was the first one to share this quote with me...

"No one can make you feel inferior with out your consent." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Understand that people are different. We all come equipped with different personalties, opinions, truths and upbringings. I know that I try to listen to people, understand people and respect them for who they are. A great book that I read this year was called The 5 Agreements and it is one of the best books I've ever read, and it explains this concept a lot better than  I can. 

Goodbye 2016
You were a quite the ride
Here's to the promise of new beginnings!
Thanks for Reading!
Love, Nick

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