Thursday, June 8, 2017

Adulting 101 | 30 Ways To Make Money

  1. Find A New Job
  2. Donate Plasma
  3. Garage sale
  4. Sell Items on Ebay
  5. Buy back clothes
  6. Babysit/Nanny
  7. Pet Sitter
  8. Walk Dogs
  9. Become A Driver
  10. AirBnB Your Place
  11. 'Cash Back' and Rebate Apps
  12. Sell Your Stock Photos Online
  13. Buyback Books
  14. Buyback Movies
  15. Buyback Music
  16. Clean Homes for Neighbors
  17. Rake Leaves/Shovel Snow for Neighbors
  18. Lawn Work for Neighbors
  19. Freelance Writing
  20. Start A Blog
  21. Become A Coach
  22. Become A Tutor
  23. Make Crafts/Jewlery/Art to Sell
  24. Run Errands for People
  25. Wash Cars
  26. Play Music at Weddings
  27. Sell Old Electronics
  28. Sell Your Hair
  29. Sell Old Gold N' Silver
  30. Side Job Selling Products/MLMs

Everyone needs a little encouragement and reminders on different ways to save money!

There are multiple ways for you to pinch pennies to help save money. The best way to start saving is at the very beginning when you walk into that store. Check out my tips on how to save big bucks on great deals!

Are you a big procrastinator? Let them give you some ideas and practices that you can use to help you make the most out of your day. Just like everything, it'll take time and consistency to really make it habit.

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