Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The College Girl's Guide | Adulting 101 - 50 Ways To Save Money

  1. Pack Your Lunch - You'd be surprised at how much you can spend while eating out. Take a few extra minutes in the morning before and pack a home lunch for the day!
  2. Save Loose Change - It can add up!
  3. Turn Off Lights - A lot of energy can be wasted when all the lights are on. Turn them off when you're not using that space and use natural light during the day. 
  4. Unplug Electronics 
  5. Cancel Memberships You're Not Using - Don't waste your money!
  6. Buy In Bulk (If Necessary)
  7. Choose Water 
  8. Invest In A Quality Waterbottle
  9. Plan Your Meals 
  10. Freeze Extra Food
  11. Make Crock-pot Meals - *Recipes coming soon*
  12. Collect Coupons
  13. Eat Leftovers - Have leftover night! Take your leftovers to work!
  14. Make DIY House Cleaners
  15. Learn To Fix Things (try Youtube)
  16. Reuse Boxes To Organize
  17. Take Shorter Showers
  18. Join Rewards and Loyalty Programs
  19. Carpool!
  20. Adjust The Thermostat - Put on a sweatshirt instead
  21. Wash Clothes with Cold not Hot
  22. Take Advantage of Freebies
  23. Grow A Garden
  24. Add 1/2 water to Cleaning Solutions To Help Last Longer.
  25. Use Old Shirts As Rags
  26. Use Up Products to the Last Drop
  27. Attend Free Concerts/Community Events
  28. Get A Library Card
  29. Walk To Work, Store, Etc.
  30. Spend An Afternoon At A Park
  31. Cut Out Cable - maybe try Hulu or Netflix
  32. Negotiate Lower Interest Rates 
  33. Use Public Transit
  34. Ride A Bike
  35. Update To Cheaper Cell Phone Plan
  36. Use Coupon And Rebate Apps
  37. Buy Used
  38. Try Thrift Stores
  39. Only Shop With Sales
  40. Set Up A Budget
  41. Shop Around For Prices - ask stores if they price match
  42. $5 Movies on Tuesdays Instead of $15
  43. Need Vs. Want - Ask yourself when you're shopping, what can you really afford?
  44. Avoid Impulse Purchases
  45. Buy Produce That Is In Season
  46. Make Shopping Lists and Stick To Them
  47. Don't Shop Hungry
  48. Go Out To Coffee with Friends Instead Of Dinner
  49. Try Having A "No Spend" Weekend
  50. Make Savings Goals - A Fixed Amount on Each Paycheck.

Being able to manage your time is a helpful and important tool to use. It can help you stay on track with projects, deadlines and getting things done. Check out my methods and tips for your busiest days.

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