Friday, November 28, 2014

My Poetry - Flicker

I never thought I could love every inch, every crack, every bruise, every stroke
Of a single person so much with your eyes you clearly spoke
To every part of my mind and my soul, it was a terrifying romantic and wonderful moment

You were alive to me, and to all well known. The people around you praised you, infauated with you, you looked upon them as commrades and close friends. I looked at you as if untouchable, something that I could easily not reach, but that's when you reached for me, and pulled me in close.

I remember it like yesterday the sweet things that you said. They struck me with a current of electricity which powered my beating heart. This feeling was new, it felt safe and warm. It felt real and all to incredible to be real.

But as quickly I was charged, how quickly it shut off. I was lifeless, with no current, and felt completley useless. I couldn't find anything or anyone to give me that same surge. Until, you walked to me once more... I began to flicker.

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