Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What To Do With Old Fashion Magazines

Are you like me? Someone who has stacks upon stacks of fashion magazines? Sure! I love them! It’s like a monthly gift of Christmas to read through, look at new makeup ideas, clothing, models, and other such things…but what do you do when you’re done with them?

No worries! I know exactly what you can do with them! It’s a little heartbreaking when you think about cutting them up…I know, it’s rough. But think, you could make them even more useful to you! Let me show you some ideas…

Collages, Oh Collages!

Collages are so much fun to make, I can’t get enough of them. It’s almost like being 5 again, cutting and gluing everything to as much paper as you could. But, now that you're older, you could make them useful.

Getting married? Glue some dress ideas or decoration ideas to one paper. When it fills up, move on to another paper. This can help solidify your choices on what you really want! You can even make an adorable little book out of it!

Having trouble deciding what to wear today? Put a collage of all your favorite outfits from magazines. Let them spark your interest! File through your closet and see if you can re create it! It’s like your own personal “Look Book”

Here’s a fun idea me and my cousin do. We call them “Cousin Collages.”  We pick our favorite things from magazines, like outfits, make up, boys, dresses, celebrities, and so on and put a few clippings on the page each time. We send it back and forth to each other so we can keeping adding more things together! Another idea is to start themed collages. Ideas like “Favorite Summer Outfits”, “Favorite Prom Dresses”, “Shoes, Shoes, Shoes”; the possibilities are endless! Get creative!

Cut & Paste

Aspiring Writer? Reading Lover? Cut out some of your favorite articles you've read that really stuck out to you. They could be self help, how to’s, or normal articles about a topic effecting  your life. Make it even more personal and write a response to it.

You could glue them into a notebook or, if they’re double sided, put in a binder with clear page protectors.

Inspiration On A String

I’m sure you've seen this idea everywhere, but why not use it with magazines too? If you’re a visual person, this will be really fun for you! Cut out your favorite magazine spreads, make up ideas, outfit ideas, or anything you want and clip them onto a string!

Love new makeup ideas? Cut out models with outstanding make up that you’d like to recreate! Same with outfits and clothing.

Love photography? Models and Designers spend a lot of time on those advertisements you see in the magazines. Maybe show them some love if you liked their style of photography, the way the beautiful picture turned out. Let it inspire you on your next photo shoot!

Summer Campfire

Don’t you love camping?! I adore it during the summer time! If you have an old magazine that you don’t care too much about, throw it in with your camping gear, you will have fire starter for years and years!

Have you seen my College Girl’s Guide to Camping yet? Well, if you love camping, click on that link to show you my perfect packing list, food ideas, tips, and outfit ideas for your next camping extravaganza!

Thanks for reading! Hope you got some inspiration from this post! Stay tuned for more fun ideas to come!

Love, Nicole

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