Friday, November 28, 2014

My Poetry - 207 Days

Give or take 207 Days
That's how long I've known you.
That's how long you've existed

It doesn't feel that long. Even in your absence I still remember being inches away from you. The lines of your neck and the shadow of your chin. Watching you work, your eyes would reflect the screen making them luminous. How soft they were and your skin. You were harmless to me. But now, I sit alone yet I can see you completely. You've never really been gone. Before you, I didn't think I was capable of loving every inch of someone; everything from the lines in your hands and low cut fingernails, to the nape of your neck and the tip of your ears. If I look back it seems like a dream, it all happened too quickly. I miss looking at you, purely just looking at you. I loved your eyes. I felt at home, peaceful and loved. Your slightly sunken lids with soft brown lashes that encased the one set of eyes that could pierce through me. 

I never wanted to say good-bye

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