Sunday, October 12, 2014

Daily Dosage - A Pep Talk To Myself

It was a feeling I've forgotten for awhile. That outer body feeling, where everything wasn't the same. Faces passing by who don't give a single glance, focused on the day ahead of them. The sound of millions of footsteps putting everyone in a uniform trance, not breaking from concentration. I felt like I was in a fish bowl, encased in this system of eagerness while these people had meetings and deadlines that had to be met. My body was just the outline that held in the all the day dreams and memories that didn't like being restrained.

Before you're ready, Life is going to move forward with or with out you. You either need to keep up or you fall behind. You better keep up.You have to remember that things work out and everything will be okay. Family will always be there. Friends will usually always be there. New people are out there for you to befriend with or fall in love with. People come in our life, leave it, and sometimes... even come back. Just remember that who you are and what you working on achieving is something that should never be lost in the sea of emotions that tear you down. You fight, then you keep fighting, and you fight until you are bruised and sore.

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