Monday, April 21, 2014

Daily Dosage | Spring Means New Beginnings...

With Summer being only 2 weeks away, I have so much more to look forward to!

A new house, new job, new friends and even
A new person to care for...

I'm going to miss this house that I've lived in. 
We called it "Casa Verde" because of the exterior color of the house. 
It was crusty and bitterly cold, but I absolutely adore this house. 
Already, plenty of memories were made in this house....

Late night discussions on Life
Warming up by the fireplace
Fitting the 3 girls on one bed to watch a movie
The anticipation of a first date
Smashing bowls on our back patio to let off steam
The random albino bunny that hopped around our yard
Tanning on the Tramp
Buying our very first Christmas Tree
Myself, dealing with a difficult heartache....
but never alone, because I had/have the best roommates/sisters I could've asked for

Welcome Spring!

Love, Nicole

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