Monday, August 12, 2013

Tips For College | Part 1

  • Have at least 2 sets of bed sheets. When laundry day comes around, you can switch one out while you're washing the other one!
  • Utilize the room as much as you can! Buy some under the bed storage, over the door storage and let removable wall hooks become your new best friend.
  • Bring a fan for the hot weather. Sometimes dorms or other apartments don't have the best air circulation (or conditioning). It's also fun to sleep with a fan on!
  • Label what's yours... it's annoying, but trust me, just do it.
  • Getting matching dishes can help make your belongings differ from your roommate's kitchen things. Truth is, you don't need to go get designer kitchenware, just get something simple!
  • Are you sharing a bathroom? Don't be afraid to set some ground rules. Just talk to your roommate! Talk schedules. Maybe agree on 15 minute shower limit?  Bring a tote of all your supplies with you into the shower, that way it'll save space for you in the bathroom. Just remember, those removable wall hooks are still your best friend!
  • If you don't leave your clothes dryer and take them out, they'll get less wrinkly! I get it, doing laundry isn't the most fun you can have on the weekends, it's best to just stay on top of it!
  • To be a nice roommate, one of the biggest things you can do is just stay clean! Make a goal at the end of every day, before you go to bed, double check the living room and kitchen. Clean up your belongings and clean up your dirty dishes. Those 2 things right before you go to bed I promise you, it will help.

You're going to have roommates that freak you out, make you angry, or end up being lifelong friends. The best thing is for you to respect them. Don't be mean or judge them in anyway. Accept that people are different than you, and that it doesn't make them any less of a person. You have plenty of other things on your mind to enjoy like school, homework, events, parties and so much more!   


  • Create a budget! It's that time where that's what you got to do now. Figure out your income and what you can really spend money on.
  • Don't be afraid of the cheaper brand, they are more than likely very similar. But look around a bit, sometimes if you go right for the off brand, there are times when they aren't much different than the nice brand. Be smart, look around, and figure out what works best for you.
  • Going on a date? Dinner with friends? Ask the restaurant if they do any student discounts. Most places could have a 10 - 15% off for student discount. Hey, 15% is 15% right? Might as well take it!


I've got some ideas to stay organized during the semester!

1 - File Folders For Each Class + 1 Notebook For Each Class
This works great for a messenger type bag. Keep all papers and handouts in file folder for each class. The notebook for all the class notes in one place and assignments. No need to fiddle through tons of loose paper. If you need to hand it in, just crease it, rip it out and make sure your name is on it!

2 - Folders For Each Class + 1 Notebook For Each Class
This strategy is very similar to the above option. Folders have the flaps inside, giving loose papers and handouts more security and organized.

3 - Folders For Each Class + 3 Sectioned Notebook
The 3 sectioned notebooks in 1 makes it so you'll carry 1 notebook instead of 3. 

4 - Binders For Each Class + Loose Paper Inside
It's kind of all in one deal! Take one binder to class you and you'll have everything you need! Keep all handouts and papers in one place! 

Whatever you choose, figure out what you'd like the most and what works for you! #1 and #2 are my personal favorite! I find that binders get worn very easily and take up lots of space. The folders keep everything separate, clean and wrinkle free!

Index cards are also great for vocabulary, fill-the-blank and Q&A study sessions!

It's never too early to start studying! Procrastination usually gets the better of us I know, but don't let it happen! Stay on top of things! Try and devote at least 1 hour of study time for each class and focus and review notes from that day, the assignment or the current chapter you are studying. It will make test time and finals week much less painful!

Don't just get through college, enjoy it! It's been the best of my life so far, but you do have to discipline yourself and get to work! Don't ever lose sight of your goals. Go ahead and make some! Make new friends? Get all A's? Never miss a football game? Whatever it is, stick to it!

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