Tuesday, August 8, 2017

How To Be The Best Bridesmaid

After being a bridesmaid 3 times this summer, I'm positive you could hire me as a professional bridesmaid for virtually any wedding! It is heart warming and an honor to be a bridesmaid for your friends, along with a few extra responsibilities. It means that the bride trusts you, values you and knows you can help make her day a little more special. Let me give you a couple pointers to really go above and beyond for your bride!

Budget Your Money >>> Go ahead and accept the fact that you'll probably be spending more money than you originally intended. Begin saving some dollars on the side for your dress, shoes, gifts and of course bachelorette festivities!

Ask Questions >>> Don't be afraid to ask questions. It's far better to know what's going on rather than to guess! Ask the bride what she needs from you and what she expects. If there's any planning, decorating or setting up that you can do, go help!

Be A Team Player >>> Make friends with the bridesmaids you don't know! Break that ice and have fun together! Don't make unnecessary drama and don't be apart of it (unless the boys are the ones causing problems, then give them a really hard time about it). Bride's pick their bridesmaids usually for a specific reason. Each person means a lot to the Bride, so befriend them and celebrate this happy time in your friend's life!

Show Your Support >>> One of the best things for you to do, is to be there for the Bride. Planning a wedding has proven to be one of the more stressful events in someone's life. Do your best to be aware of other's feelings and the situation. Look around and see if anything needs adjusting, pinning or taping. Direct people to where to sit, where to place presents or maybe help you lift something. Lend a helping hand to the mother of the bride, distract the little kids from killing each other, hold someone's baby or maybe even offer to write out the vows for the bride last minute...you know, the little things...

Suck It Up & Wear The Dress >>> It's not your wedding. I repeat, it's not your wedding. No matter how you feel about it, if the bride wants you to wear it, then wear it. Remember how we decided we're not creating unnecessary drama?.... exactly.

Make A Bridal Emergency Kit >>> I did a little research for my own wedding day and a list of emergency items! These helped so much more than I thought they would, and I'm so glad that I had it prepared. Take my advice and be that hero to save the day! Something you should also pack are snacks and water! Sometimes there's so much going on that you'll feel like you don't have any time to eat. The bridesmaids and groomsmen will thank you.

Set The Party Mood! >>> If no one is dancing, that's your cue! Get out and have fun! Bring friends and groove to the music! The ceremony is over, everyone is eating and making conversation, now is the time to celebrate that it's over! You did your job with flying colors!

Now, who has embarrassing wedding stories?!
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Love, Nick

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