Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Meet the SEED Team!

 Let me give you a small introduction to the people that I'll be living with while I'm in the Philippines! Upon meeting each other, I knew that we could all mesh really well. We are all so psyched about this internship, and couldn't be more excited to learn more about this country and culture. These guys are amazing, but I'll let them do the talking...

I'm Evan and I'm a Management Information Systems major. I had to take a class to figure out what that means. I applied to the SEED program because I learned it was free, and because USU has a great video that shows some of the people that have been helped through the program! That's the most important thing, getting the opportunity to help others who really need it. I'm really excited to experience life in an Asian nation, hang out with some super cool people (namely Blake, Madi, Anthony, and Nicole), and help mothers earn enough money to feed their children and send them to school! 

Hey! I'm Madi. I'm 22, and a junior at Utah State University. I am so excited to be involved in the SEED program, especially as part of the team traveling to the Philippines! I served an LDS mission there, and fell in love with the people and their culture. I've seen the poverty and struggles that these people go through daily, just to feed their families. I am ecstatic to be able to return in a capacity to help them achieve goals, and better provide for themselves. In other news, I enjoy reading, talking, and long walks on the beach. Just kidding. But I am stoked to get some vacation time clocked in while in the Philippines! Who can say no to a beach?

My name is Blake and I am a Business Administration major at Utah State University. I decided to apply for the SEED program because I saw it as an amazing opportunity to go out of the country and learn not only just about how business is done over there, but also to just learn about people. I love the differen cutures and I am excited to learn about the Filipino people. The thing that I am most excited to do in Manila, is explore. I am going to go to as many places as I can and soak it all in!

I am an international agribusiness major. I have a passion for people and culture. The very simple concept of microloans makes it possible for people living in poverty to provide for their families not only with the life essentials of food and shelter, but also education which we take for granted so often. I am so excited for the opportunity to go and work with the people in the Philippines and to see how micro-financing is having an affect in these people's lives and on the economy and development of communities. As we help these people take these steps forward their lives will completely change for the better. My dream is to start my own micro-financing company to help immigrants and underprivileged people in the United States and Canada start their own businesses/farms and then go international in developing nations and work with people one on one. 

When you come across an opportunity like this, you'd be crazy to say no. I am so grateful and excited to be apart of the SEED program starting up in the Philippines. It's a unique and incredible opportunity for us students to put our skill to the test and make differences in peoples lives. We get to teach them about business and give them hands on experience. We get to mentor them and guide them to help them earn money for their families so they can live better lives. I have never been outside the country, so I am ecstatic to learn about the people, culture, food and traditions. I want to explore the islands and discover new ways of life! Being that I am in my twenties and going on such a vast adventure, I feel very blessed!

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