Friday, September 4, 2015

Goodbye Utah, Hello Manila!

This summer has been filled with lots of journal-worthy memories. I have made many new friends that make me laugh til I cry; that make me feel worthy and good. I have pushed the limits of my comfort zone and have tried new things that I otherwise wouldn't have done. I have dealt with loss and the bitter sweet goodbyes of loved family members, and the welcoming of new ones into this world. I've been to concerts, outings in the forest, and parties galore. 

The time has finally come. The moment I have been so excited for for months is just around the corner. It seems not long ago that I had accepted the offer to head to an internship out of the country for 3 months. I was so excited to get my passport, visa, documents finished and flights booked; and now that the moment is here, it feels more real than ever.

I've explained this internship seemingly hundreds of times to different people. Their reaction is usually the same, that they are excited for me. In truth, it helps out my nerves a lot. This will be quite a change for me. New faces, new culture, new place, new food, and a new job; it's a lot to take in. This past week, I've been filling my schedules with last minute dinner dates and hang out sessions. Not really saying good-bye, it's more of a see you later deal. But the time frame stays the same, and it's been very hard regardless.

I guess the last thing I need to do is say see you later Utah, it's been real. You house some of the most incredible people that I hold very dear to my heart, so keep them safe. Also, give them some good powder this winter, let's keep that tradition going, shall we?

As always, Thanks for reading.
Love, Nick


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