Monday, December 29, 2014

8 Things I Learned in 2014

Traveling Is My Thing
I forgot what it feels like to fly on an airplane. Gripping the arm rest as the plane lifts off the ground can make me giggle like a little girl. I was blessed to be able to do a lot of traveling this year. I flew to South Carolina to see my family. I was able to reconnect with my Grandfather, a man that I just don't see enough, but whom I love very much. I was able to celebrate and party with my cousins in Charlotte, North Carolina. I gambled in Wendover, saw my Utah State Aggies play in Boise, and got lost in the magic of Las Vegas.

I Love Road Trips
Road Trips are some of the best times. Being silly with friends, listening to music, bathroom breaks and treat stops. Watching all the stress and homework leave you in the rear view mirror; and having nothing but your closest friends with you. You survive off of each other, you help out one another and of course, you make some of the greatest memories together. 

Keep Your Priorities Straight and Your Focus On Your Goals
After taking a semester off of school, I was more than excited to get back on track with my education. It's a goal that I've always had ever since I was a little girl and there's nothing that I can stop me from that. I have my life finally picked, planned, and ready to go. I cannot wait to make more incredible memories in the next year, but one thing is for certain: School is my number one. I mustn't lose my focus on that. That is what will give me my true freedom when I am older. I won't let stress and emotions bring me down. I'm planning on 'getting my degree' being one of the things that I accomplish in life!

Some Friendships Last A Lifetime...
After seeing a good friend, whom I haven't seen for 11 years, I'm glad to say that the moment we got back together, it was like nothing had changed. That's how friendships should be. Where you understand each other, support each other, and that not even distance, could change anything about your relationship. There are friends that just understand that life gets in the way. But not even that could change anything. They will always have your back; they will always care about you. I've also learned that through tough times and the lowest of lows, there can be newer and better things that blossom, like a friendship. I feel lucky, because that happened to me, and now I have some of the greatest friends I could've asked for.

...Some Friendships End
A tough concept I've yet to truly grasp. I asked a family member if it happens often, and unfortunately it does.Some friendships will end. It can end suddenly and unexpectedly. But if it wasn't meant to last, then it wasn't meant to last. Take the memories you have, because memories are untainted and unchangeable.

There Are Some People That You Will Never Not Love
I continue to learn that love is the strangest emotion of them all. Why is it that people can love someone that is all wrong for them. The only answer that I could think of would be that you know their heart, all too well. Take that love and make it a positive thing. Become calm with the knowledge that they will always be in your heart. Take away all the good that you've learned and the memories you made with them.They memories are real, significant and can become a part of you. At one point in your life, it was exactly what you wanted. Remember that.

Time Heals
Every single of one of us, will go through something that can change our lives forever. Something that only you may know how it feels exactly. Time is a slow healer, but it is still a healer. It may take months to feel anything, or it may even take years. I never said there would be no scar, the scar could be a reminder. But time will heal any wound, if you allow it to.

Hard Work Pays Off
Anything that doesn't take hard work, is not worth having. Some of the greatest things in life will come from dedication, perseverance, and hard work. The reward of having something completely finished is one of the greatest feelings! If you often feel like giving up, you have to remember why you even started. Keep at it, and don't give up.

Thanks for Reading!
Love, Nick


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