Thursday, August 10, 2017

Traveling 101 | How To Survive 10+ Hour Flights

Okay, long flights suck. They are unavoidable and somewhat tedious. Before you cue the pity party, you have to remember where that plane will take you and what you'll be able to do after the flight (a little positive thinking, right?) Let me give you a few simple guidelines on making the time go by a little quicker...

BEFORE YOU BOARD >>> Sitting for hours in an relatively uncomfortable chair next to strangers is maybe not your ideal way of spending the day. Before your flight, try and spend a good amount of time outside in the fresh air! Spend an hour at the gym and grab a good breakfast on the morning of your departure. Make the concept of sitting your #1 goal before you even reach the airport!

DON'T OVERDO IT >>> Nothing is worse than hauling around an over-sized and over packed bag with you all across multiple terminals. It's always wise to be well prepared, but not for a zombie apocalypse. It's hard to narrow done the absolute essentials, so you just have to ask yourself... what would best to bring? Find a quality backpack/bag that you can be your designated carry on. I like bags with lots of pockets on the outside to hold my phone, headphones, lip balm and other things I would need quick access to.

GET COMFORTABLE >>> Noise canceling headphones, ear plugs and an eye mask will become the most valuable thing you bring on a flight. For me, nothing makes me feel more claustrophobic than a crying baby or loud snoring passengers. Give yourself a chance to settle in for a power nap. It may be easier said than done for most people, but I can almost guarantee you'll be happier to have these items as a plan B.

STRETCH OUT >>> Remember to get up and stretch throughout the flight. Pay attention to the seatbelt light though and be considerate of the attendants. Stretch your arms, legs, back and whatever else that you need to shake out.

KEEP OCCUPIED >>> Audio books and movies make time seem to fly by (get it? so punny!) A separate battery supply for your phone can be very convenient! Some planes are capable of supplying you with a plug in source, but not all of them. Adult coloring books are surprisingly relaxing and soothing, or grab a magazine and read it from cover to cover. If you dare, strike up small talk with your neighbor, you'll never know what kind of stories they have!

What do you like to do on long flights?
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