Tuesday, May 30, 2017

My Poetry | You Have Always Been The Same

You have waited so long to meet me 
You never really knew if I existed.
You're curious if I'd ever meet you one day
But our paths where always connected

The days that were hard you felt alone
You couldn't sense that I was around 
Sometimes you felt like I was far away
But I was always safe and sound

You were afraid of losing me, but I never left
I have been here this entire time.
You have to remember that I'll never leave
Because what you feel is mine.

I was there in your moment of happiness
Feeding on your beating heart
You were finally so proud of yourself
I knew you had found your start

I am with you on every step
I am with you every day
I am you and you are me
You have always been the same

Thanks For Reading
Love, Nick

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