Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Few Essentials To Pack For A Cruise

Cruises are a great excuse to truly get away from the world and enjoy being at sea. There isn't a huge list of things that you need, you can look at my Master Packing List for a general idea of things to bring, but there would be a few essentials that you wouldn't necessarily think about before hand.

FLOPPY HAT --- Well, any sort of hat will do, but floppy ones seem to be the trend on cruises. It gets very windy and sunny on top of the boats. Hats allow your hair to be tucked away and can block out harmful UV rays

ZIP LOCK BAGS --- You never know when you need theses, but they sure are handy! Keep trinkets like rocks or shells. Keep food or any snacks fresh. The possibilities are endless!

HANGING TOILETRY BAG --- Not required, but a smart idea! Cabins are pretty small with limited space. Hang all the toiletries you need in one single place and keep everything clean, dry and organized! 

PEN/PENCIL - Whether you need to jot down a number, directions, times or even to fill out the 'breakfast in bed' card, bring a couple of pens with you on your cruise!

PLAYING CARDS --- Sometimes you just need a chill night in your cabin. Throw on some music/show and play cards with your friends! On my cruise I had a coin purse filled with pennies, dimes and nickels. I divvied it out between Seth and I and we played our own version of Black Jack.

DRAMAMINE --- If you're susceptible to sea sickness, take a long some dramamine with you. To be honest it's not that bad. There are nights when you can feel the boat swaying more than usual, but for the most part you don't feel it often. 

Those are just a few of my ideas that I felt like made the trip really great! There are hundreds of different ideas out there, so take whatever advice you see fit!

Thanks for Reading!
Love, Nick