Sunday, February 21, 2016

Daily Dosage | My New Motto For Life

When I first saw this phrase it made me giggle to myself,
For me, it holds a lot of truth...

When I meet new people, I tend to stay on the quiet side. I'm not very good at jumping up, introducing myself  and then thrusting out my hand for you to shake. It usually takes me a bit longer to warm up to people I don't know. Some have mistaken my shyness for being rude, that by not saying much it means I'm not really interested in what they have to say. Some mistake it for being unintelligent, that I supposedly have no idea about what's being talked about; when in fact, I was being observant and listening.

People will criticize everything. Everything you do. There is no changing that! Something that I've realized, and maybe it's taken me a little too long to realize this, but the moment that you alter something you've created for someone else, it is no longer yours. The moment you change yourself for someone else, you are no longer you. 

 Embrace whatever makes you unique. You've heard it time and time again, but start doing it. Be brave and stand out. Whatever it is that makes you different, cherish it. You will find people that will appreciate you, encourage you and emulate the traits you already have. Whatever we create, or write, or do we should do it because we love it and we should do it because it makes us happy. 

One more thing...
Never EVER be afraid, to stand up for yourself

Thanks For Reading,
Love Nick

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