Sunday, November 8, 2015

Manila Diary | Week Eight | Finding the Silver Linings

Life is good down here. Our lessons are beginning to make some sort of impact, and truly that is the best we can hope for. Looking for a silver lining, during any time of difficulty, is one thing you can do to make your life a little more enjoyable. Our work is difficult, especially when we are the first ones to ever start this internship, but these past two months have been filled with life learning experiences and challenges I've never faced before. We've had progress here, we really have! We've been able to start on time, come prepared with a great lesson, and hopefully spark some sort of motivation in these people's hearts.

I feel lucky to have met some really incredible women. There is one that sells delicious tiny rice cakes. She baked me a dozen and it was everything that I had to not eat all of them in one sitting. They are so delicious! She has a dream of opening up her own restaurant, and to cook for people all over the Philippines. We worked with her and helped guide her to make some goals; something that can be attainable and realistic. These women can do anything they set their mind too, it's all about staying focused on your goals.

Another woman that we teach, stitches and sells her own hand bags that are made out of plastic. Madi and I gave a lesson about keeping track of spending and your income. She was writing down notes while we were talking and asked some questions at the end. We showed her a check register-like chart to give her some good ideas of where to begin. She was so responsive and loved what we showed her. She told us she wanted to tell her friends about this, and how good of an idea this was! (If that moment didn't boost my confidence, I don't know what would) We talked with her more and asked her about her family, every day life, and how well her business was going. Talking to these women one on one is as far as we see the most helpful!

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