Sunday, October 18, 2015

Manila Diary | Week Six | The Half Way Mark!

Half way.
I have reached the half way point of the internship!
Six weeks in another country...
That feels pretty cool to say.

Now I can cross off #38 - Live In Another Country on my Bucket List. Some people think that it's strange that I actually have one written down, but in reality, I write everything down, that's who I am. I've written about my adventure here in the Philippines week after week, because I want to share the experience and relive the memories when I get older. It's a unique opportunity that not many experience and I want to share it.

I have learned many things on this trip. None of which I actually thought I would learn, but I did anyway. This internship wasn't anything like I thought it would be at all. It has been stressful and straining and sometimes even miserable. But there are moments of peace and happiness that lead into giving me insight into my own life (as most traveling does).

Everyday we walk out into the dripping hot sun which slowly begins to soak through our clothes. We travel by tricycle to work. Traffic is inevitable and people don't ever follow rules. Construction workers are constantly fixing the broken up sidewalks and laying down new concrete.  We pass by gates to houses where naked children are bathing in a bucket of water and using a cup to rinse off. Mothers are hanging up clothes to dry after hours of hand washing them and the Men are either eating, playing a card game or taking a leak on the side of the road. The number of stray dogs and cats is so high, they look for scraps any where they can. They lurk around food carts mostly or anywhere (which is everywhere) there is garbage.

In the beginning, it was a shock. As I said before, Manila is the place where the rich and the poor rub shoulders every day. It is strange to go from a beautiful, air-conditioned  and tall building to a home that is made of brittle wood with holes for windows, no lights and barely any room to walk. I have met many kinds of people on this trip. There are some with kind hearts and smiling faces that have come up to me and touch my chin and call me beautiful. There are some that offer you their umbrella, willing to share with you because you don't have one. Sometimes they offer you food and pack it up for you to eat later at home. They remember me even after meeting me once and are welcoming and open and sometimes end up teasing me during a meeting!

In truth, our work is hard. It's working with people, it's helping them to not only change their life, but their mindset. This week I was able to teach my first class on my own! We created a class we call "Chat About Business" classes, also known as C.A.B classes. It's a way for us to reach anyone that owns a business in Pasig to come and learn about basic business principles and better their business and lives! We're slowly getting a few more people and building it up little by little. I was nervous to teach, but I was excited too. I talked about gaining loyal customers and advertising options. We had two sweet women come and we were able to generate good ideas with them! We still go to center meetings and offer guidance and lessons there, but it's also fun to teach a structured class!

Only seven weeks left.
52 days and counting
I get excited at the thought of home
But I am also excited to make the best of the rest of this internship

Thanks for Reading,
Love Nick


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