Friday, March 6, 2015

How To Get Motivated

Motivation is one of those things that maybe most of us can lose fairly easy. I know I'm really good at avoiding responsibilities by cuddling in my bed with my electric blanket and Netflix! Sometimes life gets overwhelming with all of the deadlines, appointments, classes and meetings we need to go to. I want an almost fool-proof plan to keep me going during a busy day! I've brainstormed a lot of ideas and here they are!

Let's talk about the most basic (but most obvious) concept, maintaining your health. There is a lot of links to stress or illness to people who don't eat well or aren't getting enough sleep. If you think about it, how can you concentrate all day if you're tired? It doesn't work like that. Eating healthy is never a bad idea either! 

Try to go to bed at the same time every night. That will help train your body and mind every night that it's time to wind down. Get a nightly routine down for another way to train your body it's time to get some sleep. Take a bubble bath, read a book, or watch 1 episode of your favorite TV show! Whatever you do, it's so important to get those 8 hours of sleep a night. Try it! Make a goal for 1 week to go to bed early and get 8 hours of sleep. See if it works! 

Every now and then steam a bunch of vegetables, top it off with some shredded cheese, and eat it! Find ways to eat healthier! Smoothies are a great source to get enough servings of fruit! Every time you go to the grocery store, buy all sorts of your favorite fruits (mine are strawberries, bananas, blackberries and kiwis) and a fruit juice. Right when you get home, cut up ALL the fruit and put it in individual freezer bags. Every morning, whip out your blender, grab a few frozen fruit, splash it with fruit juice and there it is! The most simple (yet very healthy) recipe for a smoothie! 

Your mindset is the most important of all. If you want something bad enough, you gotta fight and work hard for what it is that you want. It's hard to say that there isn't this miracle way of finding motivation. True motivation comes from you, and you alone. In this post I will give you some ideas for staying encourage, staying positive, and therefore helping your confidence in your goals!

Are goals something you only make at the beginning of the new year? Are goals something you absolutely dread? My advice to you? Start out small. Whatever your goal may be it is also wise to have sometime written more than just 'Work out Daily' Devise a plan for each goal you have! Make an actual list of steps you are going to take to achieve that goal! For some people this just doesn't work; and that's okay! Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with my own goals. But this strategy is a way for you to see it. Actually see and watch you progress. It's a great feeling to be able to cross something off on your to do list! 

When you feel like quitting, think about why you started...

Quotes are a great way to give you a boost of confidence. Is there one quote in particular that can get you so pumped? Put that somewhere you can see it every single day. Say it out loud if you have to! 
Music is a fantastic mood enhancer! I've been compiling songs for my own personal motivating playlist! I have one that I listen to every morning when I jump in the shower. It's called "Wake Up A Diva" and quite frankly, it does put a little pep in my morning routine! 
Is your end goal a trip across the ocean? Put up a photo of where you are going. Is your end goal graduation? Put up a photo of what graduation represents to you. Is the whole reason why your doing this for someone that you love? Put up a photo of them! Seeing your end result will keep your spirits high. Give it a try. 

Because this post was longer than I thought it would be, I'll keep these short and simple

"We are what we repeatedly do, 
excellence is therefore not an act, but a habit."

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