Thursday, July 10, 2014

Daily Dosage | My Sister's Wedding

It’s wasn’t too crazy or hectic. It didn’t feel out of place or strange. I felt pretty calm about everything, and seeing my sister in that wedding dress and how her eyes and complexion seem to be glowing, was all the day needed.

That’s the true focus of course, is the couple, not necessarily the food or the decorations. It’s about two people finding each other, loving each other, and then deciding that they can spend the rest of their lives together.

Moments like this are always the greatest memories. All the family back together again for one special day. From east coast to wild west, we piled all of our family members in the park. It’s the best to catch up on old times, new events, and seeing family members change and get older. Someone who was once 2 feet tall is now 7 feet, and actually talking to girls. Others were jolly lively elderly folk that have now slowed down over the years. But most importantly, we are all here and we are all here for each other. 
That is the beauty in it all.

Family will always forever be in my heart, no matter where I live. I am apart of them, and no sort of place or person could ever change that side of me. I’m so grateful for the mix of members and cultures I have in my family. I’m glad I have people still routing for me! Wanting to see me succeed! That they are proud with what I have accomplished already! I hope to never loose that fire with them, because they are mine and mine only :)

Congratulations to my sister!
May you two have the utmost happiness in life!

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