Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Poetry - Nameless and Unreachable

She didn't have an name, all she did was walk
I could see her so clearly, I wanted her to talk.
She seemed so distant and so far away.
Her eyes fixed and focused, forgotten the day

Her soft blonde hair, curls still intact
Pulsated in the water, following her track
Soft porcelain skin, eyes were a muted blue
But when dirt mixed with the water, it clouded my view

I could see her so easily, she seemed like she was trapped
But maybe she was fine, she had learned to adapt.
The water could break easily, I could reach for her hand.
I slowly reach forward, but only left with sand.

She walked along the bottom of the lake
Not wanting a disturbance, her tempo wouldn't break
I wanted her to answer, I wanted to hear her voice
Why was she down there? Was it even her choice?

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