Thursday, January 23, 2014

Daily Dosage - One Life

Have you ever considered thinking about your life as a whole?
All the heartaches, achievements, let downs and triumphs?
All of that, makes up one life

Now consider how many people there are in the world
And how many different heartaches, achievements, let downs and triumphs they have of their own
Walking past you everyday, taking only glances at each other, barely recognizable
Think of all you could learn from them, understand how much you don't know about them

How crazy is it when you combine your life with someone else.
That seamless but strong bond you make with them, all of them becomes you
All starting out with a look or a comment that gets you to notice
That there is something more about them.

What if one day that bond is broken, disappeared and gone
What are you left with?
You feel like you are left with nothing
But that's not true
You are left you with you

You have learned so much from that person
You can take the good, and leave behind the bad
Don't ever let the past determine your future path
You're stronger and wiser already

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