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CGGC: What to Pack


Packing and preparing is one of the more stressful but fun things to do before your camping trip! The best thing to think is, What do I really need? If you are planning on hiking to your destination, it will be best to pack light. If you are headed to a campsite, still pack light. J Not only will it be nicer to your back, but if you can downsize things, get to the bare minimum, and fit everything in one bag, you will feel really good.

Here We Go…

First, let’s start with the Toiletries
·         Deodorant
·         Toilet Paper
·         Toothbrush (Travel)
·         Toothpaste (Travel)
·         Small Comb
·         Small Brush
·         Wash Cloth + Hand Towel
·         Face Washing Product (Baby Wipes are easiest, but its whatever you choose)
·         Moisturizer
·         Make Up (This should be minimal. No excuses. You’re truly only going to need mascara and eyebrow pencil/eyeliner pencil. That’s it! Everything else will probably just melt off your face; so try sticking with just those two.)

Now, there are a going to be a lot of little do dads and things that you don’t want to lose! So put them all in a spare Make Up Bag you have! Stuff like…

·         Small Mirror
·         Hair Ties
·         Bobby Pins
·         Cotton Balls/Pads
·         Cotton Ear Swabs
·         Nail clippers
·         Tweezers
·         Nail file
·         Chap stick or Vaseline
·         Your Make Up (only 2 remember?)
·         Contact Case (if applicable)

Great! I’m going to tell you everything you need for clothing in a different blog post. Purely because I adore fashion, and I think you can still be cute when camping! You can find that post by clicking this link.

Alright, these next few things are for your camping trip. Put this in a backpack for quick access because these are things you will be using all the time…

·         Sunscreen
·         Aloe Vera
·         Bug Repellent
·         Flashlight
·         Extra Batteries
·         First Aid Kit
·         Pocket Knife
·         Carabineers (optional)

·         Band-aids
·         Medical Tape
·         Gauze
·         Antiseptic cream
·         Antibiotic wipes
·         Burn Ointment
·         Scissors

These next few list ideas are all optional, take a look and see if any apply to you.

Do you wear Contacts?
·         Glasses
·         Glasses Case
·         Contact Case
·         Contact Solution

Need Feminine Products?
·         Liners
·         Pads
·         Tampons
·         Toilet Paper (always)
·         Cleaning Wipes
·         Any creams or things you might need

Emergency Sewing Kit?
·         2 Needles
·         2-3 Tiny Spools of thread (I’d choose neutral colors)
·         2-3 Buttons
·         Safety Pins

Need any Medication?
·         Subscription Medicine you need
·         Pain killers (i.e. Advil, Ibuprofen, etc.)
·         Allergy Medicine?
·         Vitamins? (Optional)


·         When you’re about to use up a product, DON’T throw it away! Keep it and put it with your camping gear. That way you’re not weighing down your bag with a full product!

·         This is optional, but make your camping bag so easy to pack, that all you have to do is pack it once, and it’s ready to go. Meaning, buy 2 deodorants and put one in your camping bag!

·         NO PERFUME, NO LOTION, NO NOTHING! Perfume is going to attract bugs! For now, bug repellant will be the new perfume. Hairspray and hair product is going to make your already dirty hair worse. Just relax, let it be free, and don’t worry about it.

·         Try this out…. 

Now you have an excuse for taking the tiny shampoo bottles from the hotel (that’s what I do) Just empty them, wash them out, let them dry, label them and finally put your moisturizer, Aloe Vera, dish soap or whatever you want in them!


If you are going with a group of people, I would say collaborate on this and figuring out who is bringing what. So make sure you have…

·         Plastic Plates
·         Plastic Forks, Knives, and Spoons
·         Napkins
·         Plastic Cups
·         Plastic Bowls

·         Tongs
·         Spatula
·         Cutting Board
·         Cutting Knife
·         Heat Resistant Gloves
·         Heat Pads
·         Can Opener
·         Wire Hanger (to bend for S’mores or Hot Dogs)
·         Matches
·         Salt and Pepper
·         Foil
·         Dish Soap (Travel)
·         Sponge
·         Bowl (medium size, to wash dishes in)
·         Dish Towel
·         Cheap Pot & Pan (for fire)
·         Cooling Rack (to put over coals and place the pot on to boil water)


·         Tent
·         Sleeping Bag
·         Pillow
·         Tarp/Cot/Air Mattress

·         Water Jug
·         Water Bottle
·         Coolers
·         Folding Chairs
·         Trash Bags
·         Rope
·         Newspaper/Fire Starter things
·         Matches and/or Lighter

·         Deck of Cards (Poker, Go Fish, War, Crazy 8’s, etc…)
·         Card Games
·         Frisbee
·         Football
·         Volleyball
·         Ninja Destruction

Thanks for Reading!

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