Tuesday, July 11, 2017

30 Days As A Vegetarian

The topic of vegetarianism can be a politically and sometimes sensitive subject for people. When I first told friends, family and colleagues that I was taking on a month long meatless experiment, I received a number of different reactions. I got all sorts of encouragement, shock and even a little disappointment. Our health, fitness and eating lifestyles have been put more and more into the spotlight through the influence of social media and new research. These platforms create that discussion (usually arguments) about which lifestyle is the best for living your best self.

Instead of giving you a really long list of the points and arguments from the multiple articles I read, I simply want to give you my hands on experience of what changes my body went through. I have heard that going vegetarian helps you get more energy, feel better and all around healthier, so I wanted to test it. I have many friends that are vegetarian and I am always asking them questions. I wanted to really know what kind of differences they were talking about, so I wanted to give it a shot!


The first week I felt like I had so much energy! I felt very awake at work and I was focused on my work and getting it done. I had many cravings all day long, but I had a lot of determination. The hardest thing was that I never felt fully satisfied. To be honest, it felt more like I was just eating to survive and sustain myself rather than enjoy my food. Going meatless did help me to not eat as much fast food, so that is an all around better and healthier choice.

From the second week on, I didn't feel much different from regular self. I've seen a lot of people say they feel a huge difference in sleeping patterns, every day life with this zest and energy for life, but I didn't really feel that. I wasn't craving meat hardly at all. I got into my routine and was doing just fine by the end of it. I did feel good though. The first time I ate meat after my experiment, I actually felt really sick to my stomach. It did not settle well at all. The whole month was very interesting to say the least!


Less Meat, More Veggies >>> In all reality, the world consumes way too much meat, maybe more specifically the United States. After reading multiple articles with many arguments that usually only build up one side, it became very clear that people don't have enough variation in their diets. We need healthy servings of vegetables and fruits everyday.

Moderation Is Key >>> When it comes down to it, moderation is key in almost every aspect of your diet, your time, your life...everything! Meat is delicious and full of nutrients, vegetables are also full of nutrients, but we all know too much a good thing, turns out to be bad thing. Take care of yourself and be aware of you put in your body.

Be Respectful, Be Chill >>> Whatever lifestyle you may choose, whatever beliefs or opinions you have, you need to remember that being respectful is so very important. You are the only one that is in control of your actions and reactions. Live your life the way you think you should, and others are allowed to do the same. It never hurts to have that discussion and share your knowledge with others, but always show respect.

What other social experiments should I try?
Thanks for Reading
Love, Nick

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