Thursday, February 23, 2017

My Wedding | Honeymoon P3 | Miami, Florida

You couldn't ever take me away from the ocean. Sitting along the shore, pushing sand with my feet and waiting for the waves to come kiss my toes are the moments that I crave almost every day. We came back home from our Royal Caribbean cruise and decided to spend a handful of days in Miami. There was only pockets of time when it was bright and sunny, the other days had blankets of rain just pouring down on us. 

Miami is a really fun and bright place, my only complaint are the roads and highways. They are NOT tourist friendly whatsoever. We used GPS to get around to restaurants and entertainment a lot and there was seemingly no way to avoid the tolls. We played a flat rate through our car rental company, but we could've easily spend a couple hundred dollars in just tolls. Be careful of that if you're headed to Florida.

Otherwise, the city is great! Tall gorgeous buildings and palm trees everywhere is my kind of place. We went to a place called "Little Havana" where we had incredibly delicious cuban food. We did some shopping and saw War Dogs at the theater. It was nice to have a little bit of time to ourself and explore a new place with Seth. We had such an exciting and memorable few weeks that we were excited to go home. That's one thing we both have in common, when it comes down to it we are both homebodies. Until next time, Miami!

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