Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My Wedding | The Big Day

Here it is. The morning I always wondered about. Today was the day that I was getting married. All the stress of planning and preparing had finally slowed down and it was my time to walk down the isle, but of course there was still much to do.

I grabbed breakfast, took a shower and did some pre-preparations. I had packed for the cruise the night before, so I only had my Emergency Kit and day bag. Natalie, my Maid of Honor, was by my side the whole time and took me to put finishing touches on my dress. We jammed out to Ariana Grande as we drove around, it felt so good to have her support there. Around noon we picked up the flowers and headed up to the ski resort.

I was banished to the bridal suite as everyone else was getting things set up. Although I didn't listen very much, I turned on my music and started getting ready. One by one, my bridesmaids came in and plopped down to put on make up. We laughed and sang and got ready together. The empty room was now rumbling with more people. I could hear the boys getting ready outside the door. The photographer and videographer came and got the shots they needed. My heart was racing so fast. My friend helped me steam my dress one more time. I pulled the dress up and had another strap me in. 

We were all finally ready. One by one, the groomsmen and bridesmaids were linked arm in arm and walked down the isle. I came out the door and my Dad told me how beautiful I looked with tears in his eyes. The door opened as my song came on and everyone turned and looked to me. I remember seeing everyone I know and love, smiling. I saw all my friends lined up looking great and my almost husband right there down the center waiting for me. I held my Dad close as we walked. Once we reached the front, he released my hands to Seth. 

The ceremony was wonderful, it couldn't have gone better. We took picutures afterwards outside the lodge before the sun set. We ate delicious food provided by Culinary Concepts. It was amazing to look out among everyone and see all the people we knew and loved in one place. Sam, Seth's little brother, gave a fantastic speech making everyone laugh. We cut the cake that my friend Hilary made for us and we opened up the floor so Seth and I could dance to our song. It was a special night with family and friends. I love everyone who was apart of it and made it a really special day for us. We are blessed beyond belief and cannot wait to share more of our good memories with those people. 


  1. Superb blog!! The wedding pictures are stunning. You both make a lovely couple. Recently attended my cousin’s wedding at one of local NYC wedding venues. It was really best with fantastic arrangements. Just loved entry table there.

    1. Thank you very much, that means a lot! Those venues are stunning! If only we were in NYC!