Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My Traveling Diaries | 2016 | Spring Break in the Carolinas - Chapter 2

When you miraculously get an entire week off of work (when they warned you it wouldn't happen) there is only one thing to do... plan a trip! Spring Break was finally here, but I didn't actually have any plans. I decided to look up plane tickets to the Carolina's, home to some of my wonderful family. I called them up, set up a day and had a flight booked and ready within the hour. 

The weather was perfect, the air was crisp and clean. Blue skies and a bright sun warming the tops of my shoulders. My Aunt is a very talented cook who loves to make delicious and appealing dishes that always turn out amazing. The first night was a perfect night for dining in with my Grandfather. We caught up on school, work, my previous internship in the Philippines, relationships, friendships, family and all you can think of. The slow rushing sound of the creek and the surrounding naked trees funneled out the glowing deep orange sunset. 

Sometimes things are better when you don't have any plans. We wanted to just have a relaxing week of dining, talking, planning and of course a little shopping. I brought things to keep me occupied and started brainstorming ideas for things to create and working on writing a book. I was excited for the rest of the week and for more adventures with my family!


When the sun is bright and shining like this, being outside is the only option! What better way to explore between borders while driving in a Mini Cooper? We headed into Charlotte for a lunch at Vine American Kitchen. The design and atmosphere was so beautiful. People buzzing about and eating their lunch while we filed our way to the back porch. I had a scrumptious grilled cheese sandwich and tomato bisque soup.

It's so nice to be able to spend time with family that I don't see very often. It's hard to be so far away from those that you can be 100% yourself around. That's the best part about it all. Bringing together the family members that you haven't see for maybe 10 or 13 years, there's a lot of life that you need to catch up on!

We spent time shuffling through racks of clothes and beauty products. We have almost made a tradition that every time we get to spend a few days together we always have a "spa" night where we do fun girly things like a masque! We also did some grocery shopping together, she was planning a dinner party for Friday night, and she was cooking! I liked following her and pushing the cart while watching the gears turn in her head. She's the queen of dinner parties and takes fantastic care of all her guests.

I love seeing someone so involved and extremely passionate about something. This is her happy place! Everyone should find some sort of hobby and turn it into an obsession. It could be playing an instrument, cooking, dancing, writing, climbing, sewing, biking, make up, videography, photography and the list goes on and on! Find an creative outlet, where you can do anything, be anything and say anything. Something where you allow yourself to listen to you and only you. Find something that you can make all your own!

Spending time with family is very important to me. Your family members are the people that know you the best. They know your likes, dislikes, weaknesses and strengths. They've seen you and your worst and they've seen you at your best. As people, you grow and learn on your own, you slowly become that person that you want to be and decide on what's important to you. A lot can happen in all those years of being away from my family.

No family is perfect... and no matter what you believe, or what you may disagree on, I have chosen to always love ALL of my family members unconditionally and without any preconceived perceptions. Everyone at the very least deserves respect. With a little understanding and some time to listen, you can learn to love anyone. Isn't that the right thing to do?

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