Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Do's and Don'ts of Airport Amenities

DON'T leave your bags unattended. Airports are very busy with a lot of people. Keep your belongings close to you, or make sure whomever you are traveling with will watch them for you while you're gone.

DO put things (wallet, cell phone, passport, headphones, etc...) in easy access pockets.

DON'T joke about bomb threats. Security is taken very seriously at airports, don't mess around or try and be funny when it comes to serious threats like that.

DO wear clothing and shoes that are comfortable and easy to remove. Shoes, jewelry and belts will asked to be taken off when going through security. Make it easier on yourself and wear things that can slip on and off with ease! That'll help things move along quicker while in security!

DO lock your suitcase when going on international flights. There could always be a chance of someone breaking into your suitcase and stealing your things. Some people will saran wrap their entire suitcase, this is to prevent anyone putting something dangerous in your own suitcase on those smaller outside pockets. If you have multiple layovers, check and see if they can route your luggage directly to where you are going. Remember that each time you check in to another flight, you need to verify you have checked in luggage.

DON'T pack valuables in your big, checked in bags. Keep things that are valuable to you, like laptop or iPad or identification, with you in your carry on bag.

DO check often for any flight changes or gate changes. Ask people, be aware, and listen to announcements for potential changes. (In my opinion, smaller airports aren't as diligent as letting passengers know of gate changes, so don't be afraid to double check)

DO make sure that all your contact information of your passport and ID is printed correctly and matches your ticket. If they don't, that'll cause a whole new problem for you. Make sure it is printed correctly before you even reach the airport.

DO remember the 3-1-1 rule! All liquids in your carry on bag must 3.4 ounces or less, all liquids must be placed in 1 qt sized clear, plastic seal-able bag, and only 1 per person. You can bring as many as you want, they just have to fit in one plastic ziploc bag.

DO bring an empty water bottle to fill up after you get through security. It's nice to have fresh water at hand! Stay hydrated!

DO put your smart phone on airplane mode during the flight and when you are not using it. It can help save battery life!

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