Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My Traveling Diaries | 2016 | Denver, Colorado, USA

When you find plane tickets at $38 for a round trip to Denver, you'd be crazy not to buy them. 
So, there was only one thing left to do... pack our bags and head on out! This was my first time to Denver, and it clearly wasn't long enough! We only had a few days to see family and friends, but it was nice to get away to somewhere new that I hadn't been before! I was pretty excited to see the city that held my Superbowl 50 champs, and I couldn't wait to see what else there was!

The weather hovered around 70 the entire time we were there with only a few gusts of cold wind. It was a nice change from being around 30 to 40 degree weather in Utah! We were able to do a few things in the city, like explore the Denver Art Museum. There were multiple floors of beautiful sculptures, paintings and statues. I even saw 2 pieces done by none other than Pablo Picasso. It was serene, quiet and very peaceful. We had dinner at the Blue Bonnet, a Mexican restaurant with a spicy raspberry sauce that was surprisingly hot and very tasty! We went to other delicious restaurants and fun events, but this trip was mostly for (meeting and bonding with) family. Besides, you can't beat home cooked meals and not-so-wholesome game nights, right?

I had a wonderful time and I'm ready for another chance to go back. I think Denver would be a really great place to live, even on the outside of the city. There are big, gorgeous mountains with long stretches of open and spacious valley. The people are kind and friendly and seem very easy-going. Everything feels stress free! One thing is for sure, there's more I've gotta see!

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The Denver Airport

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