Thursday, February 18, 2016

How To Pack 1 Week in 1 Backpack

Are you the kind of person that thinks this could be impossible? How on Earth am I supposed to fit one week in one backpack? Well, when I traveled to the beautiful island of Palawan, I wasn't worried about what I wore or how I looked like, I was more excited about exploring the beaches, hiking through jungles and eating delicious Filipino cuisine.

I did have an advantage to my packing because it was summer weather, meaning loose and light clothing, so if you're planning on bulky clothing, this might not work. But! Packing one week into one backpack is actually simpler than you think. All it takes is a little bit strategy and the willingness to not bring things you really don't need... 

If you're going somewhere with someone for the week, collaborate and see what they are bringing too! If you both have the same phone charger, only bring one. You're phone will also charge faster when it's on airplane mode, so think of that when you plug in.

The trick to liquids is to bring exact amounts of what you need. I had to fly from Manila to Palawan, so all liquids had to be 3.4 ounces or less anyway. You can through away those bottle too once their done, meaning more wiggle room in your bag, plus a little lighter to carry!

Same as liquids, bring the exact amount of clothing you need. I brought 7 shirts, 2 shorts, 7 underwear and 7 socks. I remember hiking one day and my shirt was really sweaty. I still had a few days left in the trip, so I didn't want my shirt to stink up our room so I decided to use some of my shampoo to clean my shirt then I hung it outside to dry! Not glamorous, but very thrifty! 

Bring minimal makeup! For me, I was going to be outside in the sun and in the water all day, I hardly needed any make up. If you're going somewhere that you would like to have a little cosmetics on hand, then bring only a few. Mascara, little foundation, powder and maybe a shadow color. What ever you feel like you need, but don't bring your entire make up collection! If you want, put your products in smaller containers to help save space! 

I brought only my iPhone with me. I left it on airplane mode the whole time because I couldn't get reception anyway, I was in a foreign country! I was still able to connect to internet and talk to family and friends and let them know I was okay! 

How you pack things also makes a big difference! Roll up clothing to help save space. Stuff socks into shoes if you're bringing more than one pair of shoes. There are millions of different posts about how to pack things tightly and neatly, but if you are going to be on a plane, think of weight too if you are going to be checking that bag.

Hopefully some of these tips can help you on your trip!
Just remember to take lots of pictures and soak up every moment!

Thanks for Reading!
Love, Nick

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