Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Books I've Read | Divergent - Veronica Roth

I have to admit, I saw the movie first before I read the book. But I also have to admit, that the book is surprisingly enough different compared to the movie... 

In this dystopian-style book, the U.S. government was unassumingly overthrown and new founders began a government that was created with 5 factions. Erudite is the faction that values knowledge and science. Amity is the faction that values peace and prosperity. Candor is the faction that honors truth and law. Abnegation is the faction that values selflessness and kindness. Dauntless is the faction of fearless protectors and bravery. Every young person will reach the age where they must choose a faction to live in and become members of that society. You take a test to help guide you to what faction you would fit into, but ultimately it is your choice. 

Beatrice Prior is a 16 year old girl that doesn't feel like she fits in anywhere. While taking her test the results became inconclusive and she was told to never tell anyone. Beatrice is different. Beatrice doesn't think like very many people. Her mind works in millions of different ways and that why she is called Divergent; and that why she is a threat to the system.

I loved the book and I loved the movie. I think that the book obviously has a lot more detail that the movie misses. The movie followed extremely well, but there's just so much more depth and personality in the book that you just don't get from watching the movie. I thought that the relationship between Tris and Four was much cheesier and more teenage-like in the book compared to the movie. The romance between them in the film shows a very mature and collected relationships whereas the books shows more of their actual teenage selves. I would say the ending in the book is far more gruesome than in the movie, which is saying a lot because both endings are pretty depressing. It's a quick read, very descriptive and very well thought out. A little predictable but still more unique story, but still very entertaining!

Books like this, involving government and a little anarchy, are usually fun reads. I'm always curious to read how other writers depict their idea of how the world could change within a few hundred years. The book actually takes place in Chicago, but it's in shambles and everyone is divided up into those factions. It's a story of thinking outside the box and realizing who you are. A coming-of-age story for Tris, but also fighting for what you believe to be true, even if it may risk your life.

I'm always drawn to the independent, sassy and strong willed female leads. Beatrice (also known as Tris) has turned into one of my all time favorite characters now. She's just so tough. She can focus on her priorities which helps form her into this headstrong and confident girl. I love how defiant she is, even from the beginning. She was always independent, but going through Dauntless training, which was designed to make you brave and fearless, helped her find her voice.

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