Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wear The World, Change The World | Serengetee

The one thing that I really want to do in life is to help people in need. This world is far to big to not pay attention to the things that happen to people everyday. Sometimes we forget how good we have it. Sometimes we disregard the things that really matter most. I love finding different ways that I can help people in need, however that may be.

Have you heard of Serengetee? I decided to apply to be a Summer 2015 Representative for them for the West Coast! I get to share the amazing story of how it came to be and what this company stands for. Founded in 2011, two daring adventures traveled around to a number of different countries and supported local artists and brought back fabric from them to sew pocket squares onto all sorts of shirts. Now the business has been growing ever since creating hats, backpacks, and even fanny packs! The fabric that I'm wearing in these pictures is called 'BAGO' and it's from the Philippines! The beautiful country I'll soon be living in in a few months! Go check out the story online! 

Go glance over their merchandise! They have incredible designs with incredible stories
You can use the coupon code ALLEN15 at check out to get 15% off, and it helps me out too!
Send a message telling me what you got! I'd love to see!

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