Friday, June 26, 2015


The day couldn't have been more beautiful. A day where the sun was shining and a soft breeze whispered through your hair. Our family was on our way to a funeral for our beautiful family member Kathleen. A woman who loves her family more than anything and is now peaceful and at rest from a long fight against Cancer. Our family filled up most of the church, as we followed each other in rows and packed in close to one another. 

The service began with a close friend of Kathleen's she shared fun stories of lunch dates with her girlfriends at a special restaurant. Kathleen always looked incredible. She was always dolled up head-to-toe with her sparkly jewelry and her trademark pant suit and heels combination. She was loved by everyone who ever crossed her path. 

Next was her sister Lynette. She spoke of past experiences of growing up with Kathleen. A fun story of her high school prom where Kathleen gave her a complete make over and got her ready for the dance. She and Kathleen shared a special love for literature. She shared a line from one of her favorite books called Evangeline by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow... 

"When she had passed it seemed like the ceasing of exquisite music..."

Lynette graciously adds at the end...

"...and it's still there."

Kathleen felt so much more than a cousin, but rather a trusted and loving Aunt and I will miss her sweetness so much. But, it was an wonderful day of reunions and celebrating her life. As I get older, I have loved more and more the time spent with family.  We all become busy with every day tasks and are usually hundreds of miles away from each other. I miss being able to see them more often. But, there is beauty in that. I feel happy to have something, someone so beautiful to miss.I feel happy that I get to call certain people family, and that they are mine forever. These woman are the most giving, loving and selfless people I know. I only hope to become someone that they will be proud of. 

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