Friday, November 28, 2014

My Poetry - The Steel Interior

The demon is back, the nightmare found me
The darkness swallows us, and I know I am trapped with only you
You shake the ground we walk as the ferocious growl begins to rumble in your belly
I cannot get away, I can only face it, you won't let me look away
You envelop me with your blood stained nails as you break the skin on my arms
You drag your terrible claws down my arms,hot blood starts gushing out of the cut
It begins to run down your hideous long forearm, but I am your prey, you pay no attention
I wince with pain, it's almost unbearable but I am paralyzed
Your face only inches away from mine, your hot breath is stale and warm
Your lips show your fangs thirsty for my blood, you want me dead
You begin to speak and break down every barrier I've ever had
Your words clamp around my neck and I can no longer breath
I begin to think these will be my last thoughts, the last thing I will ever remember
The last thing that I will ever feel,
It wouldn't be happiness.

My flesh breaks open
Underneath was something I was hiding, a secret you didn't know
Steel, untainted from blood stain, and stronger than flesh
The demon looks on not wanting to stop, but captivating by the glow of silver
I tear off my own flesh, revealing the protected interior, untarnished and unbreakable
You never knew...
I've adapted and evolved
I've kept it a secret
The heart is long gone, It could never be broken now
You no longer have a weapon
You will never hurt me again
I dare you to try

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