Sunday, August 17, 2014

Daily Dosage | Home Sweet Home

It's so nice to finally have some time to sit, think, and write for a while. Sundays are the day I blog, drink tea or coffee, and just indulge in relaxation. Things have been quite crazy over the past few weeks, but now things are settling down and I now get a minute to just relax.

I moved back in with my parents and so far, things have been working. Of course, now that I am older, boundaries must be redrawn and reiterated. Overall, I have the greatest parents. Understanding, patient, and always loving, no matter what I do. It's nice to come back to my home base. I sorted through all my high school memories and boxed everything up. I've donated old clothes to the D.I. and am filling it with clothes that make me feel beautiful and maybe even a little more grown up. Moving around forces you to organize and think about everything you do or don't want to keep. 

I'm holding onto good memories; of events, friends, people, and previous lovers. Take away the good from all of them, look at them for a little bit longer, then put them away. I started my 365 project on my birthday a few days ago. I'm really excited to do and I've always wanted to. I thought started on my birthday would be a great point. I want this school year and year of life to be the best one I can make it. I want to live happily and positively throughout every day. I can't wait to meet new people, make friends, and have those friends be honest, dependable, loyal, and all over a real person I can talk to. I want to take care of myself, get more fit, more educated, and more knowledgeable of the world I live in.

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