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My Traveling Diaries | 2014 | Spring Break in the Carolina's | Part 1

Crossing off something on my bucket list wasn't the only thing I got to do over Spring Break! I had a chance to fly across the country to see family members I haven't seen in over 15 years.

I have some of the greatest people in my family, and it's hard to see them when they are 1,700 miles away! I was so excited when they told me they wanted me to come out and visit! They were kind of enough to score me a plane ticket and that got the ball rolling.

I started packing a week in advance, I was too excited. I even bought my very first suitcase! I know, I'm such an adult. I made a list of every possible thing I needed; I'm a huge list maker. My Aunt soon sent me the itinerary, and reality began to set in. It's probably been about 10 years since I've been on a plane, let alone by myself. I was a little nervous, but excited to travel on my own. After all, that IS on my bucket list.

I made it safe and sound to the airport Tuesday afternoon. Since I'm in love with filming and taking pictures of everything I do, I had to be sure to document all that happened during the trip.

To be honest, I was pretty nervous. I began pacing outside the gate, waiting anxiously to board the plane. Once I was let through, I found my seat and made small talk with the man next to me. The flight attendant went through the emergency procedures. The seat belt light clicked on, and the plane was picking up speed. I absolutely love the feeling of slowly being lifted up into the air. It's been about 10 or more years since I've been on  plane, but I acted as though I was a little girl again, giggling to myself and grinning ear to ear.

I'm sure I weirded out the girl next to me, considering she was listening to music and reading her novel the whole time during take off. I caught the occasional awkward eye contact with her. My next check point was Dallas, Texas. My Aunt told me that this airport can be a little bit confusing, but just find my way by asking for help and be quick about it. I stride out of the gate but instantly knew where I needed to go. Yeah, I've got this airport thing on lock down.  My confidence was soaring high and I loved this sense of being on my own and this sense of adventure. I boarded the plane to Charlotte, and luckily I had a window seat this time! 

I finally landed and my Uncle came and picked me up. I met him over by baggage claim and the moment I saw him, I couldn't help but run to him! I brushed past the family in front of me and hugged him; Not even a little embarrassed!  

We traveled back home and set up a little living space for me. 

I needed a good night sleep before all the fun was about to begin!

To keep things short and sweet, I'll share the highlights... 

I ate eel

Yes, you read that right. Truth be told, it was kind of like squishy chicken, not bad!

I went antiquing with my Aunt
It was great spending the days with my Aunt. We did a little exploring, shopping, and even treated ourselves to pedicures! During the car rides we finally were able to catch up on everything that's been going on in our lives lately. She's like my mother, she gives sound advice on life :)

A Classic Traveling Picture...
C'mon, it wouldn't be a real trip if I didn't get a picture under the state sign!

I went to the coolest restaurants and cafe's!
My favorite places I went were Amelie's, the picture perfect bakery with the most delicious and unique food I've ever seen. The atmosphere is so creative and quirky, you can't help but look around you at all the artistic things! My other favorite place was Dean & Deluca's. It was so gorgeous and beautiful, everything was exquisite about their wine room, I loved it.

I reconnected with my Grandfather...

... and partied with my cousins in Charlotte!

Overall, my trip was amazing. It was surreal to see everyone. It was nothing like I imagined. The last day my Aunt cooked an amazing meal, one of her specialties. We all sat around together, watching the movie I made actually for this trip! But we had to take me back to the airport, so I packed up my suitcase, hugged everyone good bye, and we were off to the airport. 

I think I fell in love though.... 

Can't wait for my next trip!
I'll make it back out to NC hopefully in August
Family? Get ready, because by then I'll be 21...


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