Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Fitted Plan

There's the plan that fits us all
It works for everyone, it's what we need
Just follow the rules, stay in the lead
That's all there is to the plan

Ignore speed bumps, ignore any signs.
They will only slow you down
Understand that there are things outside
But never look up for them

Maybe it's best that we all understand
That there is a right and a wrong
Maybe it's best we keep things safe
And never think outside the lines

When one looks outside, it's never good
They see things they've never seen
A new perspective, a new insight
Can only mean one thing

Why question anything, why be inquisitive
It's only a waste of time
I'm here to tell you, with full passion
To always think outside the lines

This life can never be fully steady
Or even be thought out with a plan
It's purpose is, to show us life
And that is everything it can

Don't worry, Do plan, but don't let it take over
Just listen, inquire, and be the best you can aspire.

Be quick to love, and slow to judgement
We are only human
We are just humans.

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